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Digitization using OCR

External Reference Source 1 below links to a PDF file containing images of the original pages of the book "The Genealogy of the Family of Cole". These pages are very readable by the human eye. But after their digitization via OCR, many words were improperly converted to text. For example, examine the words "Richard Fox" on line 2 of paragraph 2 of page 2. If you highlight these words and right click your mouse, the PDF reader may show you the original digitized version which is "Eichard Fox". Such errors make text searches very imprecise and often wrong. For this reason, I editted the original digitized version and created the text readable version in RTF format in External Reference Source 2 below. Notice that the same two words appear correctly as "Richard Fox" in both the PDF and RTF versions of my editted work.

Children of Henry St.George Cole

The children of [18C] 1. Henry St.George Cole and Elizabeth Mac Roberts are listed on page 52 of the book. But the list is incomplete. The second child is not mentioned. In the middle of the listing of these children, a long descendancy of the first child, [19C] 1. Henry Cole, is listed. This descendancy ends with "to the Rev. Alfred Hamilton, and had, in 1861, three sons and three daughters;". After this descendancy, the third child of Henry St.George Cole is named. He is "3. Arthur Cole".

This descendancy is properly formatted and shown below:

16 John Cole of Florence Court b 1680
   m Florence Wrey d 30 Aug1718
     17 John
     17 Bourchier
     17 Michael
     17 William
     17 Rev. Henry Cole b 1716
        m Mary Brooke
          18 Thomas Cole
        [ 18 Elizabeth Cole b  1756 d 1828 from Source 15]
        [    m John Kennedy b c1742 d 1801 from Source 15]
          18C Henry St.George Cole [ b 1745 d 1819 from Source 16]
	          m1 Mary Richardson no children
        	  m2 Elizabeth McRoberts
		         19 1. Henry Cole m Miss Launauze
		         19 2. Unknown
		         19 3. Arthur Cole b Oct 1768
		         19 4. Elizabeth Cole m Henry Kennedy
		         19 5. Letitia Cole
		         19 6. Florence Cole m Hugh Falkner
Often, related information can be found elsewhere on the Internet. In this case, Elizabeth Cole was found in a Kennedy Genealogy in Source 15. This source shows Elizabeth Cole being married to John Kennedy (1742 -1801). Perhaps her daughter, who is also named Elizabeth, married Henry Kennedy. This would agree with the book by James Edwin-Cole. If not, James Edwin-Cole might have erred when he included Elizabeth Cole in generation 19. The birth dates weakly support either supposition. The pertinent information from this Kennedy Source is:
John Kennedy was born about 1742 at Holywood, Cultra in county Doen, Ireland. He died at Dublin on 28 December 1801.

Elizabeth Cole was born about 1756 at Brookville in county Fermanagh, Ireland. Elizabeth died, aged 72, at Bollingham, county Down, Ireland on 19 October 1828.

John Kennedy was the son of Hugh Kennedy and Mabel Curtis. He married Elizabeth Cole, daughter of Reverend Henry Cole and Mary Brooke. He died in 1802.

John Kennedy graduated from University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland, with a Master of Arts (M.A.). In 1760 he (unsuccessfully) claimed the title of Earl of Cassilis, after the death of the 8th Earl. He held the office of High Sheriff in 1769. He held the office of Justice of the Peace (J.P.). He lived at Cultra, County Down, Ireland.
There is no reason to question this information

Other Peerage Listings

Source 5 lists many persons in the Peerage of Ireland. Source 6 does the same for England.

Abbreviations Used in the Book

Three of these abbreviations refer to page size of publications. They are "fo.", "4to" and "8vo". Refer to Source 17 for more information.

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