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Republishing of

Genealogy of the Memoir of a Branch of the Family of BOURCHIER

Originally Written By

James Edwin-Cole


1. published in

Westminster by J. B. Nichols & sons

in 1873 12p 8vo


2. published within

The Herald and the Genealogist 8 (1874)

see pp 367-376


3. published on the web in 2017

in PDF format at

EPC Articles by Old King Cole

Bouchier Genealogy 117”

2017 K Nov 01


Many ancient books are scanned and published on the Internet. I have undertaken the job of republishing the Bourchier book written by James Edwin-Cole in order to make it readily accessible to genealogists. I have not converted these pages to text format, so text searches are not yet possible. Source 7 permits text searching, but the text that is searched is uneditted. (A search for the erroneous “Eobert” yields many). I apologize for the slightly unclear scanned pages included herein.

Genealogical Content

When doing genealogical research on the Cole surname, the work of William Segar in the 1600's is a good beginning. A brief family tree of William Segar is available in Article 116. The work by James Edwin-Cole in 1867 used an updated version of Segar's work as its starting point. The result was a book by James Edwin-Cole entitled “The Genealogy of the family of COLE of the County of Devon, England”. For known errors in it, see my articles 4 and 116.

In an effort to save old books from extinction, Google has scanned many old books including the book: Coles of Devon (Source 2). Google also converted the scanned pages into text using computerized OCR techniques. Unfortunately insufficient (or no) editting was done to correct errors introduced during the OCR process. For example the name “Robert” usually was erroneously converted into “Eobert”. Such errors greatly impede text searches. I have corrected many of these OCR errors and have published a revised version of this book (Coles Of Devon) in both RTF and PDF formats. I have also created a modern family tree of Coles of Devon in GEDCOM format available at Source 4.

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Book Details: “. . .Pedegree of . . . . Cole of . . . Eneskillen” by William Segar and William Penson

Title: The Genealogie or Pedegree of the right Worshipfull and worthie Captaine Sir William Cole of the Castell of Eneskillen in the Countie of Firmanaugh in the Kingdome of Ireland Knight.

ISBN: na

Date Written: 1640

Date Published: 1878

Author: William Segar and William Penson

PDF vsn:

Note: William Segar and his wife had numerous children and grandchildren.

Book Details: “. . Coles Of Devon . . ” by James Edwin-Cole

James Edwin COLE (d.s.p.) updated an existing book detailing his ancestry. Google has photographed the pages of this book and uploaded it to the internet.

Details are as follows:

Google Books #: Ka1pAAAAMAAJ

Bar Code: 600022721K

Title: "The Genealogy of the Family of Cole of the County of Devon and of those of its branches which settled in Suffolk, Hampshire, Surrey, Lincolnshire, and Ireland”

ISBN: 1141224526

Date Published: 1867

Author: James Edwin-Cole



Note: James Edwin-Cole and his wife had no children.

Page Images of “Bourchier Genealogy” follow:


The following references to my sources for this article appear at the FamilySearch site (Source 6 here). They appear as Sources for James Edwin-Cole [current ID: KCQH-PXS ]

Reference 1: Herald and Genealogist Book

Reference 2: Genealogical Memoir: Bourchier


Source 1: Pedegree of Cole by Segar

Source 2: Coles of Devon (scanned pages of the book by James Edwin-Cole)

Source 3: Editted PDF version of Coles of Devon (editted by David KC Cole)

Source 4: James Edwin-Cole inWorldConnect database: ColesOfDevon

(by David KC Cole)

Source 5: Articles by Old King Cole (various articles previously listed)

Source 6: James Edwin Cole, the person (at FamilySearch)

Source 7: Genealogy of Bourchier (text searchable) by James Edwin-Cole

Source 8: Bourchier Genealogy (this article: PDF format) by David KC Cole

Source 9: Descendancy to Susanna Bourchier (E12) by Alan G Freer


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This article is available in PDF format in Source 8. Source 8 can be downloaded and read offline using modern tablets or cell phones.


The small 12 page book by James Edwin-Cole, named “ . . . Genealogy of . . . Bourchier . . “ , has been converted into PDF format. It is easily available in Article 117 at the web-site named Articles by Old King Cole.

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