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Coles of Devon
Coles of Devon.

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This is a downloadable copy of "The Genealogy of the Family of Cole of the County of Devon and of those of its branches which settled in Suffolk, Hampshire, Surrey, Lincolnshire, and Ireland," by James Edwin Cole in 1867 ISBN: 1141224526 in RTF format that is readable using wordprocessors such as MicroSoft Word. This is an update of the roll written in 1630 by Sir Edwin Segar and published ca.1867 by Burke. This old book, Coles of Devon, was photocopied and digitized by Google. The OCR text was proofed and edited by the Author (DKC). The main persons mentioned in the book, Coles of Deven, were converted into a family tree in GEDCOM format named "colesofdevon" by the author (DKC). This GEDCOM uploaded to WorldConnect.

Book: Coles of Devon: Editted Book Errata (in txt format) here .

GEDCOM: Coles of Devon: ColesOfDevon family tree (in GEDCOM format) as of 2013 I Sep 09.

Coles of Devon Errata (56.html)

Almost every book contains errors, typographical mistakes and factual errors. After this book was typeset in 1867, the author identified many errors and included them in the Errata section at the back of the book. After Google created images of the pages, it passed the book through an OCR process to produce a text version of the book. This OCR process created many errors as well. The current editor (David Cole) editted the text version to eliminate many of these errors, when he produced the Editted Book (in rtf format) above. He has not yet produced a second version of the Editted Book. The known errors in the Editted Book (in rtf format) are listed in the text file above, named Editted Book Errata (in txt format). If you discover any additional errors, please send them to the WebMaster below.

It is David COLE's intention to include all errata about this book in this article:

Google Book: The GENEALOGY of the family of COLE of the County of Devon, , England by James Edwin COLE, 1867

Google Books #: Ka1pAAAAMAAJ
Bar Code: 600022721K
Title: "The Genealogy of the Family of Cole" by James Edwin Cole
ISBN: 1141224526
Date Published: 1867
Author: Sir Edwin Seegar
Saved as: Ka1pAAAAMAAJ_e75d.rtf
Page Count: 75 (70 in original book)
Font Name: New Times Roman with
Font Size: main text in font 15 and footnotes in font 14
-Google's converted text was the original source.
-Uncontroversial Corrections have been made
-FootNotes references icons have been retained
-Numbers of Special Numbered Persons are in square brackets eg
[1] WILLIAM COLE, of Hutensleigh
-Names of Special Numbered Persons are capitalized when required
to avoid confusion
-£ or L is the pound sterling symbol
- seven dashes (-------) indicate an unknown name
-FootNote Symbols: * † ‡ § ∏ ¶ (∏ replaces ||). See eg. page 31.
-This rtf file contains a few images.
-Pages before page # 1 were moved to end to permit auto numbering

Note 0 [9] III. WILLIAM COLE,‡ who married and had two sons", was [8] error.
Note 1 p 23 mention of [11] Thomas COLE. The notes in WorldConnect tree "davidcole3" for Thomas COLE explain his complex linkage to Yvette Louise RICHARD ,the wife of David Kenneth Charles COLE (
Note 2 Lord Mayors of London: p16 Sir Cuthbert Hacket, knt., alderman and lord-mayor..., p39 Sir Thomas Leigh, Lord Mayor..., p39 Sir William Roche of Lamer, lord-mayor..., p40 Sir Humphrey Edwyn, knt., lord mayor... 1698.
Note 3 p 39 Elizabeth [Haddon], daughter of Sir Henry Vernon of Haddon, Knight of the Bath; and her unbroken lineal descent can be traced from Charlemagne,
Note 4 p 50 COLE married COLE. [15] Sir MICHAEL COLE, his successor, who, 20 February, 1671, married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Cole, bart.
Transcriber: David KC COLE b Sept 16, 1944 in Montreal, Canada
Date: 2013 Aug 31

More information about James Edwin COLE can be found in the ColesOfDevon family tree at the WorldConnect site shown below. Links to his original book and to David Cole's editted version can be found in the Post-Em notes for James Edwin COLE below:
Source: James Cole in WorldConnect DB:ColesOfDevon
WebMaster: David Cole

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