Cole Family Tree in GEDCOM format (49.html)

Family Tree of David KC COLE
Family Tree of David KC COLE

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Family Tree of David KC COLE

The full family tree of David Cole contains approximately 18,000 persons. The tree shown above only shows his actual ancestors for a few generations. Dave's wife Yvette has identified ancestors going back over 30 generations. The family tree DB named "davidcole3" at WorldConnect, referenced below, contains such ancestors and many of their brothers, sisters, cousins, other spouses etc. This site also contains many notes about these people. All of the persons in this family tree are indeed related, either by heredity or marriage.

Most family trees on the web don`t show the names of living people for privacy. But the family tree shown is different because it shows the names of living persons. For a usable version of my living persons family tree, click here. For a usable version of my full (non-living persons) family tree, click below:
Full Tree: David Cole in WorldConnect.

The following GEDCOMS contain all of the genealogical information that David Cole has loaded into computer-readable format. Around Aug 31, the french accents became corrupted and have not yet been corrected. Because of this, David has refrained from adding additional information into his GEDCOMs. Any information that has been received has been loaded into Post-em notes on the WorldConnect DB named "davidcole3".

Cole4A30 (3).GED (Downloadable GEDCOM) archived 2004 A Jan 30 (with good french accents)
Cole5H12.GED (Downloadable GEDCOM) archived 2005 H Aug 12 (with good french accents)

Cole5i23.GED (Downloadable GEDCOM) archived 2005 I Sep 23 (with BAD french accents)
Cole5k17.GED (Downloadable GEDCOM) archived 2005 L Nov 17 (with BAD french accents)
DavidCole3.ged (Downloadable GEDCOM) archived 2006 D Apr 20 (with BAD french accents)

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