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Brampton Parish in Huntingdon


King Stephen in 1146 (–9) granted the church of Brampton, with its lands, tithes and all appurtenances, for the foundation of a prebend in Lincoln Cathedral. (fn. 131) The prebend continued in possession (fn. 132) until 1848, when the lands attached were vested in the Ecclesiastical Commissioners. (fn. 133) The family of Burnaby were lessees of the prebendal house in 1722 (–59) (fn. 134) and afterwards acquired the freehold. They lived in the house until about 1895, when it was let for a time. In 1908 it was put up for auction, but it was not sold. It remained empty for a year or two and was later bought by James Edwin-Cole, Duke of Polignano, who died here in 1920. The house was then sold to Mr. Charles Scholefield, the present owner. The prebendary's court, view of frankpledge and rents of assize are mentioned in the 13th and 14th centuries.
Source: Prebendal Manor

Notes (by DKC COLE)
The full article (of which the above quote only mentions the Prebend Manor) describes the Brampton parish in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire as follows:
The parish of Brampton adjoins Huntingdon on the south-west, and comprises an area of 3,557 acres, 30 of which are covered with water. The soil is gravel and the subsoil clay. The greater part of the parish is grass land, and the arable land produces cereals and roots. Formerly the higher part of the parish was forest, but there are now only some 300 acres of woodland. The River Ouse forms the eastern and south-eastern boundary and the Alconbury Brook forms the northern boundary. Another brook, which rises about the middle of the parish, flows eastward through the parish to the Ouse. The land between the two brooks and that adjoining the Ouse is low lying, being about 33 ft. above the Ordnance datum, but the ground rises towards the southwest boundary, where it reaches 164 ft. The Great North Road forks as it enters the parish from St. Neots on the south, throwing off a branch road northeast which joins the Huntingdon to Thrapston road at Bell End, a little north of Brampton village. The Huntingdon to Thrapston road passes through the parish, crossing the Great North Road about a mile north-west of the village of Brampton. At the crossing stands an inn now called Brampton Hut, but formerly known as Creamer's Hut, well known in the coaching days.

Two manors are spoken of in the Brampton parish. They are Brampton Park Manor and Prebend Manor. The Brampton Park Manor descended to the present Duke of Manchester. The Prebend Manor belonged to (was a prebend of) the Church of St. Mary. The family of Burnaby were lessees of the prebendal house in 1722-59 and afterward acquired the freehold (i.e. ownership). In 1908 it was purchased by James Edwin COLE, Duke of Polignano who died there. Mr. Charles Scholefield, then acquired it.

thumb Prebendal_Manor.jpg
Prebendal_Manor (in Northamptonshire)

I believe that the above picture of Prebendal Manor in Northampton is NOT the Prebendal Manor in Huntingdonshire.

thumb MaybePrebendalManorMar2009.jpg
Maybe Prebendal Manor in Mar 2009 Brampton (in Huntingdonshire, UK)

This house (hidden by greenery in the summer is where Google Map says Prebendal Manor in Brampton, Huntingdon is situated. Perhaps the original Prebendal Manor is behind this house. One Google Map view shows this house to be directly in line with the St Mary Magdeline church entrance.

thumb BramptonChurchAreaAerial.jpg
Aerial Map showing St Mary Magdeline Church in Brampton (in Huntingdonshire, UK)

St mary Magdeline Church is in the bottom right corner (on church Ln). Rectory Close is at the top. Manor Close is near the center of the left side. This map is copied from Google Maps Aerial view at StMary Magdeline Church area aerial view.

thumb Brampton_map.jpg
Map showing Brampton (in Huntingdonshire, UK)

thumb StMary_Magdalene_church.jpg
Map St Mary Magdalene church location in Brampton (in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, UK)

Note the proximity of the Black Bull pub.

thumb St Mary Magdalene church in Brampton, Camb.
St Mary Magdalene church in Brampton, Camb.

thumb St Mary Church and Black Bull Pub (2015)
St Mary Church and Black Bull Pub (2015)

Perhaps the postal code of the exact Prebendal Manor building is PE28 4UF

Richard WAITE wrote about his relationship to the COLE family through Susan Cole who married William Locke Esq. His work is referenced in:
Locke. He includes some correspondence with James Edwin COLE dated 1885.

James COLE was called to the Inner Temple on April 30, in 1854, I believe

Book: Genealogy of the family of Cole by James Edwin-Cole

My Description of the book (Source 3) written by James Edwin COLE is:
Title: The Genealogy of the family of COLE of the County of Devon
This book is about the Cole family that originated in Devonshire, England. It was published in 1867 and is an update of a book written in 1630 by (quote) Sir William Segar, alias garter, Principall King of Armes. This book contains the decendancy of the notable members of the Cole dynasty beginning with (and this is a quote): "William Cole, of Hutenesleigh (now called Hittisleigh) in the country of Devon, living in the year 1243, whose son and heir ...... etc." I have created a family tree of the most notable Coles cited in the book. The family tree can be seen at Coles of Devon. View the Post-em notes for James Edwin Cole to see my edited version of the book in rtf format. My edits merely correct the OCR errors. They do not update the information in the book. Much additional information exists as footnotes (on each) page linked by special footnote characters. The book cites John Cole b1680 (of Florence Court in Ireland). The original author, Segar, said much about William of Fermanagh COLE (1585-1653) who is remembered for his services for the King to quell an Irish uprising. As a result he became the Earl of Enniskillen. The book contains much Cole descendency information and many additional notes about the notable Coles. It also describes, in detail, the coats of arms of the Coles and those of their wives. I cannot prove that these are my ancestors, but I can always hope. . . . The book also includes some conjectures about the derivation about the name Cole, an index and a short list of errata. Numerous quotes in latin from ancient books are included.

James Edwin COLE also researched and wrote about his wife's family in (Source 5): Bourchier Tree

Cole-Related Cities near the A1 (formerly Great North Road) going South to London

John Cole m. Susanna Bourchier in 1827

James Edwin-Cole (1835-?) was the son of John Cole and Susanna Bourchier. In 1880 James married Mary Barbara Huddleston of Gent Huddleston. Source 1 lists the descendancy from Barbara Marwood (1679-?) who married Sir Thomas Hebblethwaite of Norton, Yorkshire, M.P. (1628-1668). James Edwin-Cole appears near the bottom of this web-page (21 lines up from the bottom). This web-page is a sub-page of the William the Conqueror web-site (Source 2) created by Alan Freer. His site has a very good searchable index and links to many other genealogy web-sites.

The Source 6 (FamilySearch tree) website lists James Edwin-Cole (1835-1920) and shows his family tree. A free userid is needed to access Source 6. The Source 7 (Prebendal Manor) website indicates that he died there in 1920. He and his wife, Mary Barbara Huddleston, had no children. WikiTree (Source 8) also contains information about James Edwin-Cole. The history of Brampton can be seen in Source 9 which refers to Prebendal Manor as the Manor of Brampton.

Source 10, the Plantagenet Roll of theBood Royal: By The Marquis of Ruvigny and Ranieval lists James Edwin Cole on page 91. Source 10 is Google Book id:uOHHuwI8tD4C . In Source 10, search for "Polignano". James Edwin-Cole was a barrister at Swineshead Hall, in Lincolnshire (Cole, James Edwin-, Esq., F.R.H.S.).

Biography of James Edwin-Cole

In Source 11, Kelsey J Williams wrote the following:
The following can be gleaned from the Marquis of Ruvigny's _Titled Nobility of Europe (London, 1914), p. 1157:
Don Gaetano de Leto, Marchese di Polignano, was created Duca di Polignano by the Emperor Charles VI on 26 Aug 1730. After the death unm. 27 Jul 1854 of Camillo, the 3rd Duke, the title passed to John Cole, of Easthorpe Court, Lincs., grandson & heir of Elisabetta, dau. & in her issue sole heir of Gaetano, the 1st Duke. John died 14 April 1897 and was succeeded by his brother, James Edwin Cole, who obtained recognition of his right to the above titles 25 April 1905 and "recorded the same in the Royal Registry at Naples 5 May following." James Edwin was born 27 April 1835 and in 1914 was a J.P. in Lincolnshire, a barrister-at-law in the Inner Temple and resided at Brampton Manor, near Huntingdon. He married 7 Dec 1880 to Mary Barbara (d.s.p. 14 Dec 1910), daughter of Gent Huddleston.
The Enniskillen Papers in Source 13 is a recent publication, in part based upon James Edwin-Cole's book (Source 3).
Source 15 cites the following information about James Edwin-Cole:

Edwin-Cole, James, F.R.H.S., J.P. CO. Lincoln (parts of Holland) Dec, 1883, author of The Genealogy of the Family of Cole, a student of the Inner Temple 15 April, 1853 (then aged 18), called to the bar 30 April, 1856 (2nd surviving son of late John Cole, Esq., of Easthorpe Court, near Wigtoft, co. Lincoln) ; born 27 April, 1835 ; married 7 Dec, 1880, Mary Barbara, 2nd dau. of late Gent Huddleston, of Lincoln, solicitor. Swineshead Hall, Spalding, co. Lincoln : Constitutional Club, S.W.

Bourchier Family

Source 12 begins on page 367 of Volume 8 of The Herald and Genealogist one can read "A Genealogical Memoir of a Branch of the Family of Bourchier. This memoir was written by James Edwin-Cole, of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law.

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