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This Descendance chart (maybe called a double-descendance chart) is from Book 1 in the External References section below. It shows the descendance from the oldest documented COLE in the book down to the author of this book, James Edwin-Cole. A click on an underlined web-link will take you to the page of the same individual in the FamilySearch data base using today's (as of March 6, 2016) AFN ID-codes. This snapshot of the AFN ID-codes is necessary because other users of FamilySearch can change, delete or merge any people in this large LDS database. Often one or two persons will be changed in the FamilySearch database. This snapshot permits interested persons to correlate this book to future versions of the FamilySearch database.

Any names preceded by an "X" indicate that no AFN has yet been correlated with this person.

Do not be surprised if some of the details at the FamilySearch site do not agree with this book.
X William of Hutenesleigh COLE (c1277-1273) 
m ?
-X Roger of Coleton COLE (c1253-1295)
-m ?
--Roger COLE (1279-1305)
--m Cicley WESTON (1283-1310)
---X John de Tamer COLE (1305-1340)
---m X Lady Elizabeth WESTON
----X John ( c1331 )
----m ?
-----X William of Tamar COLE ( c1357-1415 )
-----m ?
------X John ( c1411 )
------m ?
-------X William ( c1450 )
-------m ?
--------X John ( c1411 )
--------m ?
---------X William ( c1450 )
---------m ?
----------X John [10A] ( c1465- )
---------m ?
-----------Thomas [11B] ( 1495-1571 )
----------m Elizabeth Hargrave
------------William ( 1520?? ) X Emmanuel ( c1546 )
------------m Anne Colles ------------m Margaret Ingram
-------------William ( 1587-1623 ) William ( 1585-1653 ) orphan!
-------------m Elizabeth Deards -------------m 1. Susannna Croft 2. Catherine Parsons
--------------Nat 14B ( 1620 ) Michael ( 1616-1663 )
--------------m Unknown Hancock m Alice Coote
---------------John 15B ( c1650 ) Michael [15C] ( 1651-1710 )
---------------m Mary Unknown m Elizabeth Croft
----------------John 16B /James ( 1677-1735 ) John [16C] of Florence-court ( 1680-1726 )
----------------m Joanna Willson ----------------m Florence Wray
-----------------John 1716-1790 William WIlloughby ( 1736-1807 )
Mary Hill m X Anna Lowry
------------------John 1758-1855 X Henrietta Frances
------------------m Mary Atkin m X Thomas de Grey
-------------------John 1793-1855 X Anne Florence de Grey
-------------------m Susanna Bourchier m X sGeorge Augustus de Cowper
--------------------James Edwin (1835-?)
--------------------m Mary Barbara Huddleston

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Book 1. WorldConnect DB: ColesOfDevon Individual: I1 Post-em 2

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