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Google Books Library
DateReviewBook TitleAuthor
1920Yes COLE - 200 - 1920 A.D.Juliette Arden
1630YesWorks of [author], the Water-Poet, Comprised in the Folio John Taylor
1867Yes Genealogy of the Family of Cole ....James Edwin Cole
1891NoThe Parish Register of Haynes(... Hawnes)William Briggs
c1968NoAutobiography of [author]Daisy nee Sullivan Goatcher
1986NoThe Design of the UNIX Operating SystemMaurice J. Bach
1964NoFamily Tree of James COLE (b.1600)Mr/Mrs Arthur H. Radasch
c324ADNoThe Life of Constantine (translated from Latin)Eusebius
1914NoConstantine the Great and Christianity: Volume 60, Issue 1Christopher Bush Coleman
2002YesA New Kind of ScienceStephen Wolfram
1886NoLady Burton's .... Arabian Nights Vol 2 (pp530)Richard F Burton
1899NoBook II of the Faery Queene (pp300) w GlossaryEdmund Spenser
1868NoGen.. History of Desc..Joseph Peck..AncesIra B Peck
1867NoThe History... Selby...York(pp422)William Wilberforce Morrell
2014NoSo You Want To Learn To Program (use FireFox to view)James M. Reneau
2014NoChapter 1 (use FireFox to view)na
1891NoParish Registers of Haynes (Hawnes), Bedford 1596-1812(pp141)William Brigg
1086NoDomesday BookDomesday Project

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