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TombStones, Pierres-tombales,etc
TombStones, Pierres-tombales,etc

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Surname   Given names       From-To  Obt m Spouse(s)
ANDRIANOPOULOS, Helen       1925-2011  m VAVOUGIOS, George
BANKS,    James (John)      1766-1858 
COLE,     Charles Percy     1884-1966  m KINGSLAND, Florence
COLE,     Gladys Kathleen   1914-2003  m PAUL, Albert
COLE, Victor (Vic) Charles  1918-2010  m GOATCHER, Marion
DRAKE,    Charles M         1848-1938  m GOULTON, Hanna Mary
GOATCHER, Marion Isabelle   1922-2008  m COLE, Victor
GOATCHER, Philip Richard    1888-1966  m SULLIVAN, Daisy
GOULTON,  Sarah Jane        1853-1946  m GOATCHER, William
[End of List]

ARSENEAULT, Roch I00217 (1933-1985) #### m RICHARD, Blandine
ARSENEAULT, Emeralda I00291 (1905-2000) 154276910 ?.jpg
ARSENEAULT, Lydie I00284 (1911-2004) #### Lydie.jpg m RICHARD, Elphege
BOND, George Addy I01009 (1857-1915) 402226423 40222642_128093680088.jpg m GOULTON, Alma Harriet
BOOTH, Sarah Ann I00468 (1855-1939) 144678183 #### m COLE, James William
BRAWN, Florence (Cissie) I00020 (1896-1986) #### m GOATCHER, Daniel
CHAPMAN, John (Jack) I03550 (1869-1943) 148431446 m TAMPLING-CLARK, Emily
CHAPMAN, John M. I10930 (1893-1943) 81620519 m Raymond, Ruth E.
COLE, James William I00444 (1851-1923) 144677745 #### m Sarah Ann Booth
COLE, Leslie (Les) I00046 (1903-1982) 144679005 Les_Cole_grave.JPG m SEABROOK, Stella O.
COLE, William (Will) I00479 (1881-?) #### m DOWSON, Jeanette (Nett)
ELO, George I00064 (1914-1996) #### m GOATCHER, Helen
GILBERT, Margaret (Peggie) 18352 (1920-2000) #### m GOATCHER, William James (Jim)
GOATCHER, Annie Elizabeth I00049 (1883-1970) #### unmarried
GOATCHER, Daniel (Frank) I00048 (1888-1966) 144876402 m BRAWN, Florence (Cissie)
GOATCHER, Hazel Winifred I00076 (1915-2016) 160981378 img/ONLAM14994-GEL777-CanadaGenWeb-Cemetery-Ontario-Lambton.jpg m HIBBARD, Henry Ralph Vernon (Ralph)
GOATCHER, Helen I00063 (1923-after 2015) #### m ELO, George
GOATCHER, Margaret Anglin I00075 (1913-1987) #### m BEAVIS, Len
GOATCHER, Robert James I03925 (1886-1891) #### GoatcherRobertJames.jpg unmarried
GOATCHER, Robert Louis I00070 (1924-?) #### m Van DIJK, Johanna
GOATCHER, Jessie (Jessica) I00052 (1892-1998) 149037206 UNCEM_1435810728418.JPG m GODWIN, Albion Edward
GOATCHER, William James I00043 (1825-1895) #### WmJamesGoatcherb1825.jpg m MERCER, Jane Martha
GOATCHER, William James (Jim) I00077 (1913-1987) #### m GILBERT, Margaret (Peggy)
GODWIN, Albion Edward I00051 (1874-1954) 149037205 UNCEM_1435810728418.JPG m GOATCHER, Jessie
GOULTON, Alma Harriet I01008 (1858-1948) 40222671 40222671_128093695473.jpg m BOND, George Addy
GOULTON, Hanna Mary I00040 (1846-1929) 144344606 CharlesDrakeAnd Wife.jpg m DRAKE, Charles
GOULTON, William James I00037 (1818-1906) 37381506 37381506_124303091993.jpg m Harriet Moore
HIBBARD, Henry Ralph Vernon (Ralph) I00139 (1919-1995) 158541349 img/ONLAM14994-GEL777-CanadaGenWeb-Cemetery-Ontario-Lambton.jpg m GOATCHER, Hazel Winifred
KINGSLAND, Florence I00124 (1880-1975) 142062016 m COLE, Charles (Charlie)
MOORE, Harriet I00096 (1819-1862) 40283665 img/MooreHarrietGrave.jpg m GOULTON, William James
MOORE XX, Harriet I00096 (1819-1862) 38316668 by Charlie m GOULTON, William James
PAUL, Albert I00245(1910-1991) #### m COLE, Gladys (Glad)
REDMOND, Tom I00143 (1921-1959) #### scan0012.jpg m GOATCHER, Doris (Dot)
RICHARD, Elphège I00218 (1908-1986) #### RichardElphege.jpg m ARSENEAULT, Lydie
SEABROOK, Stella O. I00035 (1902-1983) 144679049 Les_Cole_grave.JPG m COLE, Leslie
SULLIVAN, Daisy I00061 (1884-1970) 143860538 gravestone.JPG m GOATCHER, Philip Richard
TAMPLING-CLARK, Emily I03549 (1866-1921) 148431441 ???? m CHAPMAN, John (Jack)
Van DIJK, Johanna I00201 (1927-2012) 147004138 .jpg m GOATCHER, Robert Louis


Portraits and Tombstones

Back WC ID#           Portrait                 Tombstone

(WC ID# is the person # in the WorldConnect Database named "davidcole3"
<--       I00039 DRAKE,      Charles M
DRAKE, Charles M
his/her tombstone
his/her tombstone
<--       I00042 GOULTON, Sarah Jane
GOULTON, Sarah Jane
his/her tombstone
his/her tombstone
<--       I00055 GOATCHER,   Philip Richard
GOATCHER, Philip Richard
his/her tombstone
his/her tombstone
<--       I00097 DBANKS,      James (John)
BANKS, James (John)
his/her tombstone
his/her tombstone
<--       I00211 Cole,    Victor Charles
COLE, Victor Charles
his/her tombstone
his/her tombstone
<--       I00223 Goatcher,   Marion Isabelle
GOATCHER, Marion Isabelle
his/her tombstone
his/her tombstone
<--       I00234 COLE, Gladys Kathleen
COLE, Gladys Kathleen
his/her tombstone
his/her tombstone
<--       I00501 Cole,    Charles Percy
COLE, Charles Percy
his/her tombstone
his/her tombstone
<--       I00652 ANDRIANOPOULOS, Helen
his/her tombstone
his/her tombstone
<-- [End of List]

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