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Debian Administrators Handbook
Debian Administrators Handbook

This book is one of the main books that describe the internal workings of the Linux Debian Operating system (OS). The purpose of this book is to explain how a Linux user (administrator) can interact with the OS that controls his/her computer. The authors of this book are Raphael Hertzog and Roland Mas. This book in paperback is ISBN: 979-10-91414-02-9 and in ebook is ISBN: 979-10-91414-0306. The version of Debian described is version 7 named "Wheezy" which was released in 2013. This version of Debian is distributed as Ubuntu and Rasbian, which run on different physical computer platforms. The author of this article (David KC Cole) has many computers which run Linux including 2 laptops (which run Ubuntu) and a Raspberry Pi 2 B (which runs Raspbian).

Linux software is free. This book is also free, but donations of money are never refused.

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Date: 2015 C Mar 18