IS: Raspbian GUI Software List (63.html)

Raspbian GUI Software
Raspbian GUI Software

 Raspbian GUI Software List (63.html)
 as of 2015 Mar 18

The following GUI software can be launched from 
the Raspbian terminal window:

aptitude       - GUI software package manager (within terminal window)
galculator     - GUI calculator
gpicview       - GUI image viewer
idle           - GUI Python shell window
libreoffice    - GUI Office suite
lxinput        - GUI mouse / keyboard settings
nano           - LXTerminal window
netsurf-gta    - GUI NetSurf Web browser
obconf         - GUI Openbox Configurator
pcmanfm        - GUI file manager
penguinspuzzle - GUI game
pistore        - GUI store for Pi stuff
smartsim       - GUI A logic circuit designer and simulator.
xarchiver      - GUI archiving utility
xpdf           - GUI PDF utility

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Date: 2015 C Mar 18