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SDR electronics
SDR electronics.

The above photo shows a Raspberry Pi computer (rear) with an inexpensive RTL Blade board (front)

SSDR with a Dongle
SDR with a Dongle.

Above: SDR: Software Defined Radio (dongle) with an RTL2832U chipset

Today, a radio receiver can be purchased as an inexpensive USB dongle (shown above) that you plug into your computer. A simple antenna is plugged into the other end of the dongle. This dongle will receive high frequency radio stations (eg 24MHz-1786MHz). To receive lower frequency radio (such as low frequency amateur radio [ham] ) stations, the frequencies must be raised. This is done by the ham-it-up electronics board. The computer is used to select the frequency (and type of modulation . . . such as AM, FM, SSB,CW) of the desired radio station.

For more info: Visit Adafruit-1497 or Wikipedia: SDR

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