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To type a named character into m: 2. To look up a special character, use NetSurf in ubuntu and Edit->Find the string eg "imaginary"
in List of Named Characters

3. Greek alphabet:
alpha eta nu tau
beta theta xi upsilon
gamma iota omicronphi
delta kappa pi chi
epsilonlambdarho psi
zeta mu sigma omega

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1. To Display a red disk:
Graphics[List[RGBColor[1, 0, 0],Disk[List[0, 0]]]]
2. Number formats:
...produces {123,Rational[1,23],1.23`,Complex[1+23\[ImaginaryI]}
3. FullForm shows how to type an m expression on a keyboard:
FullForm[{\[AHat], 123, 1/23, 1.23, 1 + 23\[ImaginaryI]}]
...produces List[\[AHat], 123, Rational[1,23], 1.23`,Complex[1, 23]]

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A Taste of m: WorkBook A
Source: A New Kind of Science (PDF) by Stephen Wolfram

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