PAF 5.2 Software (50.html)

PAF v5.2 Software
PAF v5.2 Software

This is the last version of the PAF Genealogy Software. PAF was distributed for free by the LDS (Mormon) church at its Family Search site. Downloads and support for PAF end JULY 15, 2013. PAF runs under Windows 8. PAF still accepts and writes GEDCOM data files. I prefer to use PAF to print out pedigree charts of the main person in the family tree.

The LDS FamilySearch web site now recommends the use of 3 genealogy software packages: Ancestral Quest, Legacy Family Tree and Roots Magic. I have used Legacy and appreciate that it is integrated with the FamilySearch web site. For any person in the family tree that is loaded into the Legacy software, Legacy will look up additional information in the FamilySearch web site.

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