Raspberry NOOBS start-up options (47.html)

  • Ctrl-S - Typing this key will pause the boot process. Ctrl-Q will resume.
  • Shift Key - holding the Shift down while booting will permit OS selection (e.g. Raspbian).
    This is called Recovery Mode.
  • NB after boot-up, Raspi-config will appear (but only once per Recovery mode)
    (In Raspi-config, hit Spacebar to select an option, hit Tab to move to next field.)
    Be sure to select the correct Internationalization (alphabet etc)
    Be sure to configurekeyboard (or your key caps might be wrong)
    If in doubt, select Logitech
    Select Yes - Use Ctrl-Alt-BackSpace to Terminate the X Server
    Be sure to select the correct Timezone
    While practicing with the Raspberry, don't expand_rootfs
    While practicing with the Raspberry, don't change bootbehavior
  • Be sure to reboot after changing Raspbian-config options.
    Reboot by selecting Exit or by disconnecting/reconnecting power.
  • After booting, if it asks for UserId and password, type pi and raspberry
    each followed by the Return key.
    Then type startx followed by the Return key
  • To see the date & time, in Terminal mode, type Date followed by the Return key.
  • Tab Key - tba
  • To play mp3 music, upload the mp3 selection to your Google Drive(using another PC),
    then use Raspbian to go to your Google Drive, then click on the mp3.
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Date: 2015 B Feb 25
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