Descendancy: Charlemagne to William I (44.html)

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Ancestor FS Link
Charles le Grand (Charlemagne) 9Q9D-7BB
Pepin of Italy 9Q9X-56V
Bernard of Italy 9Q9X-59K
Pepin de Vermandois LVHD-ZJP
Beringer Count of Bayeux LCZM-FGG
Rollo the Dane 9C3W-J12
William Longsword Duke of Normandy 9C3W-J13
Richard I (the fearless) Duke of Normandy LZ22-HV9
Duke Richard of Normandy Ii 2Z98-FR4
Robert I (6th King of Normandy) M1Y5-WSX
William I (the Conqueror) 93H4-D1S

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