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Sir John Hody's wife was Elizabeth Jewe, not Elizabeth Jerne, as Mr. Biancalana's 2006 book on the Fee Tail unfortunately has it. The Jewe family of Somerset was reasonably well known, and probably would be better known if the antiquaries and biographies had not resorted to so many different spellings of their surname. Variations I have seen include Iewe, Ive, Gewe, Jeue, Le Jeu, Le Jewe, Le Jew, and yes, even Jew. But I had never seen 'Jerne' until Will Johnson's post prompted me to Google and see Biancalana's effort.

I have some 60 pages of notes on the Jewe family of Whitefield in Wiveliscombe, Somerset and of Pillesdon ( now Pilsdon), Dorset. Joan Hody, daughter of Sir John Hody and Elizabeth Jewe, married Sir Nicholas Latimer of Duntish, Devon. They are ancestors of Henry Sampson of the Mayflower (Baronial Ancestry of Henry Sampson, Humility Cooper, and Ann (Cooper) Tilley, Robert Leigh Ward, The Genealogist, 6(1985):166-186). .

James Edwin-Cole's 1866 Cole Genealogy includes some charters and other original sources of interest, but contains many errors. Of most interest to the Cole/Hody connection are these:
1. Edwin-Cole shows the wife of Sir John Hody(Huddy) as Elizabeth Cole. This is a frequently recurring error in these lines, but Sir John Hody's wife was Elizabeth Jewe (see Hutchins listing of the patrons for the church of Pillesdon, Dorset). One reason for the persistence of the error may be in the translation of Sir John Hody's will of 17 Dec 1441 (481 Chichele). In the original Latin, Sir John refers to his father Thomas Hody. Somehow, the Somerset Record Society Volume 19, Somerset Medieval Wills, pp. 336-337, made "Thome Hody patri meo" into "my _uncle_ Thomas Hody".
2. Edwin-Cole tells us that the great-great grandfather of his Elizabeth Cole was a Sir John Cole who fought at Agincourt (1415) (Sir John>Sir Adam>John>John>Elizabeth). When Sir John Hody made his will in December 1441, his wife was pregnant with their eighth child. So she was born no later than 1417. Allowing 28 years between generations, Sir John Cole would have been born in 1305. If he and these three male descendants all became fathers at 15, Sir John Cole would have been born in 1357. How lucky he was to survive Agincourt, when he was 58 to 110 years old.

The DNB entry for Sir John Hody: "Hody, Sir John (d. 1441), chief justice of King's bench, of an old Devon family, son of Thomas Hody, lord of Kington Magna near Shaftesbury, Dorset, and King's escheator there under Henry V, by Margaret, dau. of John Cole of Nitheway, Torbay... " The entry also repeats an old story that Thomas Hody's father Adam Hody, Sir John's grandfather, was a serf, a bondman of Lord Audley. This story also appears in "Members of Parliament for the County of Somerset," S. W. Bates Harbin, 1939.

I append some excerpts from Hutchins, of interest for the Cole/Hody/Jewe connection.
Robert Forrest
Hutchins, Hist. and Antiqs. Dorset, 3rd Edn, Shipp & Hodson, 1861-1870:
p. 2:229, Editors' comment--

....Hutchins says "Pillesdon passed to Jewe and Cole, who were patrons here from 1383 to 1432, about which time it came to the Hodys by the heiresses of these two families." No doubt the Coles had some interest here, for John Cole presented to the rectory 1424, and Margaret his relict presented in 1432, but it is not clear what was the nature and extent of their ownership. According to the pedigree of Hody taken at the Heralds' Visitation of Dorset 1623, Margaret, dau. and h. of John Cole of Nitheway, co. Devon, was mother of Sir John Hody; but he could not have inherited this estate from her, for it appears from the inquisition mentioned hereafter, p. 231, that the manor of Pillesdon was the property of his wife, and the Institution-book tells us that he presented to the rectory in 1438 "in right of Elizabeth his wife, dau. and h. of John Jewe deceased," and as the rectory seems to have been as usual appendant to the manor it is most probable that both passed in the same course of devolution (a)...

(a). Query, was Margaret Cole the relict of John Jewe who died 1416?

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Pedigree Chart of Hody of Pillesdon--

Arms: Quarterly: [1 and 4 for Hody], 2, [note no field color is specified] A bull passant sable, within a bordure sable bezantee, for Cole; 3, ... Crest: a bull passant sable.

[Top of chart shows] Margaret, dau. and heir of John Cole, of Nitheway, in the parish of Brixham, Devon(b); m. Thomas Hody, King's Escheator for Dorset 6H5, lord of the manor of Kington Magna, Dorset, 7H5, liv. 17 Dec 20H6, 1441.

Ch:Sir Alexander Hody, of Bower, Somerset...

Sir John Hody, knt. of Stowell, Somerset...

Footnote (b): The Continuator of Hutchins gives the following note to this article in the pedigree of Hody: "Sir William Pole, in his Description of Devonshire, pp. 282, 284, says that 'William Cole held Nitheway, in this parish of Brixham, in kinge Richard II. tyme; unto whom succeeded John Cole, whose daughter Margaret was married unto Sir John Hody, chief justice of England, which had issue sir John, sir Alexander and William. Sir John Hody, knt. married Elizabeth, daughter and heire of John Jewe, of Whifilde, and had issue John Hody and sir William, of Pillesdon, knt. chief baron of the Exchequer.' But William, who is here mentioned as the third son of Margaret, is not taken notice of in any other account of the family; and it appears, from the concurrent authority of all the pedigrees, that the lord chief justice was not her husband, but her eldest son. If any further testimony were wanting the following would be conclusive evidence upon the subject: Sciant, &c. q'd no Nic'us Aysheton, mil. Justic' D'i R's de com' banc', et Will' Carent', arm', tradi, &c. Elizabethae ux'i Rob'i Cappis arm' q'd'm ux' Joh'is Hody mil', nup' cap' justic' D'i R's, man' de Nitheway, in com' Devon' et terr' in Bromston in co' pr'd'o, quae nuper ten' cu' pr'd'o Joh'e Hody, Tho' Carew, mil', Joh'e Gambon, et Joh'e Hengescot defunctis nup' hab' ex dono et concess' Joh'is Cole de Nitheway arm. ad usu' p'd'i Joh'is Hody, habend' d'c'e Elizabethe at termin' vitae suae, &c. et post mortem d'c'e Eliz. &c. reman' Joh'i Hody, filio et haer'i Joh'is Hody, militis, in perpetuum. Hiix testibus Jacobo com'e de Wilts, Will'o d'no Bonvill milit', Joh'e Cheney, arm', Waltero Ralegh, et Walt' Rayneld. Dat. ap' Nitheway, vicess'o oct'vo die April', anno R'i R'is Hen'ci Sexti tricess'o quarto." [1457-1458]

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Patrons of the church of Pillesdon, with dates of vicar appointments,
John de Pyllesdon, 1319, 1325.
Margery de Pillesdon, 1348.
John Jewe, lord of the moiety of the manor, 1385, 1405.
John Cole, 1424, 1425, 1429.
Margaret, relict of John Cole, 1432.
John Hody, in right of Elizabeth his wife, 1438.
Robert Cappes, esq. in right of his wife, dau. and heir of John Jewe, 1454.
Robert Cappes and Elizabeth his wife, 1473.
William Hody, knt., 1489, 1508, 1516.



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