Descendancy from William the Conqueror
to Theresa Cole and Barbara Cole (39.html)
2015 B Feb 01
-showing each inter-marriage to a new family name
-listing the identification number
assigned in
-as of 2015 B Feb 10

Given Sur Name FS ID #
William I the Conqueror King of England 93H4-D1S
Henry I Beauclerc King of England 9C65-M7H
Robert De Caen 9CCZ-WQK
Philip FitzRobert De Grey KN4W-SLJ
Philip Bassett L44S-22X
Aline Basset LJYN-NXX
+ Hugh Despenser(Le Despenser) 9Z4Y-4LT
Eleanor Le Despenser LJ15-G7V
Sir Hugh De Courtenay LJ1S-GTR
Thomas De Courtenay 99QT-ZDJ
Thomas Peverel 9HPJ-SHZ
Robert Hungerford LD5N-35D
Robert White LXMT-VNC
Margaret White MZPS-ZTX
Steven Kerton LHB1-WH6
Thomas Kirton(Kerton) L759-YZY
Edward Rainsford(Raynsford) LZR3-NYK
Nathan Bassett 99P3-44G
Ebenezer Tisdale 2S77-9DS
John Payne(Penn) LX7S-8YT
Michael James Gould LX7S-866
Telesphore Theriault LX7B-MB9
Richard Delaney 97KJ-KXB
Elphege Richard KNWG-NC2
David Kenneth Charles Cole L6MK-MDP

Theresa Christine Cole LF5L-7BQ
Barbara Marion Cole LF5L-7Y2

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/Date: 2015 B Feb 10