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Some of the individuals in WikiTree need someone to adopt them. It appears that no-one is responsible for their information. I decided to adopt Mary COLE (known in WikiTree as Cole-50). Fortunately, I was able to find her ancestors and now I can try to connect her to the rest of the world in WikiTree. Her pedigree appears below:

Source: Pedigree of Peter Coffin b. 1535

According to Holly TAMER (, the author/source of WorldConnect Database named "hollye", John COLE and Elizabeth Martin had a son named William COLE b.1493 in Devon who married Catherine de GALLEGOS b.1497 in Spain. They had a daughter named Anne Mary COLE b. 1516 in Knowstone, Devon, England.

In 1534 (in Devonshire, England) Anne Mary COLE married James COFFIN b. 1514 in Bideford, Devon, England. In 1510, in Merifield, near St. Germans, in Cornwall, England, the parents of James COFFIN (Richard COFFIN b c1490 in Devonshire, England and Wilmot CHUDLEIGH b c1490) were married.

James COFFIN and Anne Mary COLE had 8 children including Peter COFFIN who was born in 1535 in Devonshire, England.

Anne Mary COLE is person Cole-50 in WikiTree.

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