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thumb Florence KINGSLAND & Charley COLE
Florence KINGSLAND & Charley COLE

The parents of Florence KINGSLAND were Charles KINGSLAND and Annie SMALL

Charles Robert KINGSLAND
The known information about her father, Charles Robert KINGSLAND is:

The IGI batch number J152042 indicates that many people named Kingsland lived in Buxted, Sussex, England between the years 1820 and 1880. One of these was named Charles Kingsland (b. 1859). His father was Henry Kingsland who married Mary Ann ?. This Charles Kingsland was christened on 13 Feb 1859. This is not the same Charles Kingsland who married Annie Small, because this Charles Kingsland was living with his parents in Buxted, Sussex, Eng. during the census of 1881. The Charles Kingsland (b. 1861) who married Annie Small was living with Annie and their baby girl, Florence, during the census of 1881.

The 1881 census in England cites the following household:
Charles R. Kingsland, Male, 19 Islington, Middlesex, Eng. price allowed work
Annie G. Kingsland, Female, 18 Plymouth Devon, Eng.
Florence C. Kingsland Female, 10m Islington, Middlesex, Eng.
Dwelling: 18 Market St., London, Middlesex, England.

During the census of 1881, living next door to Charles Kingsland was William J. Booth and his wife, Eliza. The mother of Charles Percy Cole (b. 1884) was named Sarah Ann Booth (b. 1855) at birth. Charles Percy Cole (b. 1884) married Florence Kingsland, so it is most probable that Sarah Ann Booth was related to William J. Booth.

We would need to pay to see more census info.

In the 1901 census, there is a Charles KINGSLAND, Age 39, b. London who is living in Hertford, East Barnet. His occupation is Export Paint Packer.

In the 1901 census, there is an Annie KINGSLAND, Age 39, b. Devonport who is living in Hertford, East Barnet. No occupation is shown.

In 1901 Florence KINGSLAND is already a resident of Canada.

In the 1901 census, there is an Ethyl KINGSLAND, Age 17, b. London who is living in Hertford, East Barnet. Her occupation is General Servant Domestic.

In the 1901 census, there is a Charles KINGSLAND, Age 14, b. London Hoxton who is living in Hertford, East Barnet. No occupation is shown.

In the 1901 census, there is a James KINGSLAND, Age 11, b. Herts, Barnet who is living in Hertford, East Barnet. His occupation is Errand Boy.

In the 1901 census, there is a William KINGSLAND, Age 9 b. Herts, Barnet who is living in Hertford, East Barnet. No occupation is shown.

In the 1901 census, there is a Edward KINGSLAND, Age 7 b. Herts, Barnet who is living in Hertford, East Barnet. No occupation is shown.

In the 1901 census, there is a Gladys KINGSLAND, Age 4, b. Herts, Barnet who is living in Hertford, East Barnet. No occupation is shown.


The parents and grandparents of Charles Robert Kingsland are:
----------Giles KINGSLAND m 13 Oct 1808
-----Giles William KINGLAND (1821-1896)
----------Sarah WALFORD
Charles Robert KINGSLAND (1862-1932)
----------Isaac DOLMAN m 10 Jul 1815
-----Ann DOLMAN b.8 May 1831
----------Elizabeth FREEBURN (1796-1877)
Source: Robert HUNT (

Robert HUNT married Margaret CRUESS whose maternal grandmother was Flora Jessie KINGSLAND (b.1870). Flora Jessie KINGSLAND was the sister of Charles Robert KINGSLAND. D.COLE has photos of some of the above.


A photo of the mother of Florence KINGSLAND, Annie SMALL appears below:
thumb Annie SMALL (1862-1926)
Annie SMALL (1862-1926)

KINGSLAND, nee SMALL, Annie G. (b. 1862 in Plymouth,, Devon, England - 1926 Cannington, , , England). (She was known as Grandma Kingsland to Victor C COLE). Photo Date: Jan 1, 1918. Annie KINGSLAND was the great-grandmother of David KC COLE. She was born with the name Annie SMALL.

Shirley (nee Sydenham) Jarvis says that Annie Small lived at 17 Ship Street. Then Annie Small moved to 35 Newcastle St., Isle of Dogs, Christchurch. Annie was buried in grave number 211195 on Hermit Rd in Cannington in East London, Eng. /DC0164.

DC0069 The 1881 census indicates that Annie was born in Plymouth, Devon, Eng. IGI records list an Ann SMALL (b. 20 May 1862 in Liverpool, Lancashire, Eng.). She is the daughter of George SMALL and Isabella ?. Plymouth is due South of Wales and Liverpool is due North of Wales, so these two people named Ann SMALL are probably not the same person, even though they were born in the same year.....DC0001 /DC0069

For more info see Family tree |DKC$date-up2

The Kingsland Family

Charles KINGSLAND and his wife Annie had the following children:

- FLORENCE (Florrie) C. KINGSLAND b: 24 MAY 1880 in Islington, London, Msex., Eng.
- Ethel KINGSLAND b: 1884 in , , London, Eng.
- James KINGSLAND b: 1887 in Herts, , Barnet, Eng.
- Charles KINGSLAND b: 1987 in Hoxton, , London, Eng.
- William (Bill) KINGSLAND b: 1892 in Barnet, , Herts., Eng.
- Edward (Ted) KINGSLAND b: 1894 in Barnet, , Herts., Eng.
- Gladys (Doll) KINGSLAND b: 14 JUN 1896 in Barnet, , , Eng.

All of the children married and had families

Florence KINGSLAND (1880-1975)

Florence KINGSLAND married a Mr. Johnson circa 1905. Apparently, the marriage resulted in a separation almost immediately. Jeanette (Nett) DOWSON, born in 1881, a friend of Florence, was married to Will COLE (b. 1881), the brother of Charles (Charley) Percy COLE who was born on May 13, 1884 in Sandridge, , Hertford, England. Around 1907, Charley COLE had emmigrated to Canada in the early 1900s. After her unsuccessful marriage, Florence decided to leave England around 1907, to go to Canada to be near Charley COLE. (Or perhaps Charley decided to go to Canada to be near Florence. . . . The dates are inexact.) Their friendship grew and they decided to get married in Moose Jaw, SK, Canada around 1910 where they raised their two children: Gladys (b. 12 Aug 1914) and Victor COLE (b.Dec 1, 1918). Details of these events are summarized below:

Florence is the oldest child
Charles R. Kingsland, Head, Age:19 Birthplace: Islington, Middlesex, Eng.
Annie G. Kingsland, Wife, Age: 18, Birthplace: Plymouth, Devon, Eng.
Florence C. Kingsland, Daur, Age: 10m, Birthplace: Islington, Middlesex, Eng.

Four families resided together at 18 Market St. Their surnames were RAY, BOOTH, KINGSLAND and McLAREN. The author is of the opinion that the Booth family living in the same residence was probably related to Florence's husband's mother, Sarah Ann BOOTH. However, the exact relationship is unknown.

1881 Government Census, England
Dwelling: 18 Market St., London, Middlesex, England
Film: 1341052
Public Ref: RG11, Piece: 0240 / 54, Page: 10

All the brothers and sisters of Florence KINGSLAND were born at 4 Vernon Terrace, Margaret Rd, Barnett, UK. Then they moved to Brookhill Rd., next door to a laundry. Then they moved to Ship Street.

Florence was a friend of Nett, the wife of Will COLE(b. 1881).
The two friends married two brothers: Will COLE and Charles COLE respectively. Florence lived in Moose Jaw, Sask., Canada after c1915. In 1966 after the death of her husband, Charlie, Florence moved to Toronto to live with her daughter Gladys.

In the early years of the depression of the Dirty-Thirties, Florence and her husband invited Art WOOLGAR to live with them after his parents died. Until then, the WOOLGAR family had lived next door to Florence and Charlie COLE. Art stayed with the Cole's for 6 years. Being approximately 6 years older than Vic, Art was like an older brother to Vic. Because Vic suffered from asthma, he occasionally needed a dose of adrennalin administered using a needle. Art was Vic's preferred person to give him the injection. This is why Vic's nickname for Art was "Doc". Eventually Art married Alice WINDER who was the daughter of some very good friends of Florence and Charlie COLE.

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