XLATE.BAS (15.html)

This is a program, written in QBASIC, that does the main work required to make a dictionary of all the words in a GEDCOM file.

Many of the french words in one of my GEDCOM files have spelling errors. These errors were unintentionally introduced long ago when the file was converted for some unknown reason. The accented characters were converted to an unrelated capital letter. e.g. AndrT should be André

To correct such a GEDCOM file, the following steps are necessary:
1. Write a program to create a list of all the words in the GEDCOM file named Cole7L28.ged
2. This program exists in the "Location" listed below. It is named XLATE09.BAS and runs under QBASIC.
3. Use the program to make a list of ALL the words; both good and bad spellings.
4. Manually make a list of the erroneous words and their correct spellings
5. Write a program to correct the errors.
6. Use the program to correct the bad GEDCOM.

The results of one run of this program can be found at:
Results: ExtDr2011:/BU_2014viaUbuntu/Users/Dave/my backups/Data/2008/Geneal~1/Renu2008

    WORDLIST_8K10.TXT is a full list of all the words in the GEDCOM

Work-in-Progress: PKBACK# 001:a/15

    Cole7L28.ged is the GEDCOM file containing the errors
    ERRORLIST.TXT is a full list of all the spelling errors that must be corrected
    fixes.txt is a list of erroneous words & spaces & correction

QBASIC: A version of QBASIC is stored in an adjacent folder to Renu2008
Location: ExtDr2011:/Back-ups-by-hand/2012/H_Aug07/FLash-Drives/Fla01D00G/JD009/Xlate
Date Created: 2007
Author: David KC Cole (David@ColeCanada.com)


WebMaster: David KC COLE (David@ColeCanada.com)