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thumb Selby Abbey, Yorkshire, England
Selby Abbey, Yorkshire, England

thumb Abraham Window
Abraham Window


(14). ABRAHAM WINDOW. This window is also of Wailes glass and was dedicated on Easter Day, 1863. It is a memorial window "erected by the sons in affectionate remem­brance of James Banks, who died 10th August, 1858, aged 92". The glass depicts scenes from the life of Abraham. In the centre light is Abraham bearing a torch and a knife; in the first light are the three Angels visiting the patriarch, and, beneath, the separation of Abraham and Lot; at the bottom of the centre light is the offering up of Isaac; at the bottom of the third light the priest Melchizedek is bringing forth bread and wine, and over it the death of Abraham is depicted. In the quatrefoils above are the masonic emblems, and angels holding scrolls on which are the words: In thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed."

This window is of special interest to the masonic craft. because of the emblems in the uppermost quatrefoil; and it is sometimes referred to as the "Masons' Window,"


(15). OLD GLASS. The window in this bay is full of interest. The glass is all medieval, except the wheel or star-like bit of work on the left side of the tracery. In the top quatrefoil is the mutilated shield: "azure, a bend or." This is probably the shield that played so prominent a part in settling that the blue shield with a golden bend belonged to Lord Scrope and not Sir Robert Grosvenor. The trial lasted about five years. 1386-1391, and one of the chief witnesses was the Abbot of Selby. The glass was formerly in the window at the east end of the South Choir-Aisle, and when removed to its present position some of it was evidently lost, and the rest badly put together, probably through heraldic ignorance. In the middle light of the window is the beautiful D'Arcy coat of arms, and at the top of the east light is a head bearing an excellently-shaped medieval mitre. It probably represents one of the mitred Abbots of Selby. Beneath the D'Arcy coat is about a square foot of jumble glass. It is very fine glass, and was brought in 1912 from the large North Transept window, and is the only remaining fragment of the glorious window that existed there in 1631. No less a sum than £12,000 was offered for it at that time, but the tempting offer was refused, and then about 20 years afterwards, during the Commonwealth, the window. was destroyed.


Purpose: To document the windows dedicated to James BANKS.
From: Tony Fowler
Of: Selby, Yorkshire, England
Source: Book available to Tony Fowler


Date: 2014 F June 28

Window dedicated to James Banks

On Easter day, 1863, another memorial stained window was opened in the choir, in the north aisle. The subject is the life of Abraham, and the window contains a full length figure of Abraham bearing a torch and a knife; the separation of Abraham and Lot; the visit of the three angels to Abraham; the offering of grace; Melchisedec bringing forth bread and wine; and the death of Abraham. Above are masonic emblems, and angels with scrolls, bearing the text--"In thee shall all families of the earth be blessed." And below is inscribed--"Erected by the sons in affectionate remembrance of James Banks, who died 10th August, 1858, aged 92." These windows are all the work of Mr. Wailes, of Newcastle.

David KC Cole has visited this window in Selby Abbey a number of times.


Excerpt: the text above is from p 203 of :
Source: The History and Antiquities of Selby in the West Riding of the County of York(pp422)by William Wilberforce Morrell
Repository: Google Books
Transcriber: David KC COLE

Grave of James Banks

Tombstone of James Banks at Selby Abbey, Yorkshire, England
Tombstone of James Banks at Selby Abbey, Yorkshire, England

James BANKS (1766-1858) Tombstone

His gravestone lies outside the largest stained glass window. As you approach Selby Abbey from the main street (in Selby, Yorkshire, England) the gravestone is on the left hand side of the abbey. It lies approximately 75 feet to the left of the main left wall of the abbey. The full text of the inscription on his gravestone is:

`Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Banks wife of James Banks Dishturner who departed this life the 8 day Dec 1810 aged 42 years. Also Sarah daughter of the above died 6 of September 1799 aged 1 year. Reader take care for thou must shortly be Mouldering in the dust like me. Also Mary Banks Wife of the Aforesaid James Banks who departed this life the 3 day of Dec 1852 aged 85 years. Also the above named James Banks of Selby who died August 10 1858 Aged 93 years.`

After a few years, the gravestone becomes covered with grass which must be removed to see the inscription.

Portraits of James BANKS (1766-1858)

James Banks (1766-1858)
James Banks (1766-1858)

David COLE`s great-great-great-great-grandfather, James BANKS, who died on Aug 10,1858 in Selby, Yorkshire, England. He is buried in the churchyard of Selby Abbey in Selby. A photo of his tombstone is also included in this collection.
This is said to be a photo of a painting of him.
Repository: the original photograph is in the archives of David Cole.
Mr. Banks, Woodturner
Mr. Banks, Woodturner

James Banks was a wood-turner and a dish-turner and a church warden at Selby Abbey in Selby, Yorkshire, England.
This photo is from a book.

McIntyre descendant of James BANKS

The author has recently exchanged emails with Carol Anne McIntyre of Malaysia, who is also a descendant of James BANKS. Her relationship is shown in Source 2 below.


Source 1: Pedigree of Harry STABLES / BANKSfrom unknown BARRON Family GED
Source 2: Descendancy: Banks to Findlayby David KC COLE
Source 3: WorldConnect: Harry STABLES, descendant of James BANKSby David KC COLE

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