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thumb:  FamilySearch: The James Gould Sr. Family Tree
FamilySearch: The James Gould Sr. Family Tree

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thumb:  WikiTree: The James Gould Sr. Family Tree
WikiTree: The James Gould Sr. Family Tree

The top family tree is included because of its simplicity although it is incomplete. The pedigree tree image under it is more complete but is also more difficult to comprehend. To enlarge it, click on it. (These images are non-clickable, meaning that the underlined names will not take you to another webpage if you click on them.) A clickable version of the (lower) pedigree tree is obtained by clicking on the "www" in Source 5 at the end of this article (or by clicking here ). Clicking on any underlined name at this site will take you to its web page, eg "James Gould Sr." at the WikiTree website. To return to the previous webpage, simply click on the left pointing arrow that is usually near the top left corner of your web browser window.


Because Article 108 about James Gould Jr (c1775 - After 1831) was getting very long, this new article is being created. It will begin with the known Golde Ancestors in Europe and will stop at Lt. James Gould Sr. (1743-1822) in New England (in what is now the USA). It was Zacchus Gould who emmigrated from England to New England in 1638. A little is known about his immediate descendants until the birth of Lt. James Gould Sr. (1743-1822). This article will deal with the ancestors of this Lt. James Gould, his wife and their children.

More can be seen about Lt. James Gould Sr. (1743-1822), his family, descendants and ancestors at Source 4, which is a link to him at FamilySearch. A username and password are necessary to access FamilySearch but this is a totally free website. The top image above is the incomplete family tree of Lt. James Gould Sr. The link named "www" in Source 4 takes you to FamilySearch while the link named "Lt. James Gould Sr. (1743-1822)" in Source 4 is merely a copy of the image above. A more complete clickable (active web links) family tree at WikiTree is available at link "www" of Source 5. The other link of Source 5 is an unclickable (inactive web links) image of the WikiTree pedigree tree which is identical to the lower image shown above.

Esther Bowers (1715-1788) Paternal Line

The paternal lineage of Esther Bowers, the mother of James Gould Sr, can be found at the "www" web-link in Source 12 at if you have a paid subscription. This part of Ancestry is called the Historical Person Search and is said to be free. Actually this Historical Person Tree being searched is simply a reformatted version of the WorldConnect Trees that can always be searched at Source 13. If you are not a paying user of Ancestry, click on the web-link "Esther Bowers (1715-1788)" at Source 12 to see an unclickable image of her web-page at Ancestry. Shown below is a list of the paternal descent from John Bower (1460-1513) to Esther Bowers (1715-1788) as seen at Ancestry in Feb 2016.

WorldConnect Trees
Some of the trees at WorldConnect were generated at Ancestry and are published at WorldConnect. The names of these Ancestry trees always begin with a colon viz ":" . One example of such a tree that includes Esther Bowers is WorldConnect DataBase named ":a16821" . Her paternal lineage in this tree goes back to Thomas Bowers (c1565-?) and Iwerner Minster (c1570-?).
		Bower Descent

    1. John Bower (1460-1513)
        m Edith
        2. John Bower (1478-1534)
            m Joan
            3. Robert Bower  (1493-1550)
                m Agnes Weston
                4. Edmond Bower (1512 in Dunhead, England - England)
                    m Joan Moggeridge
                    5. Thomas Bowers (1565 in Lincshire, England - 1590 in England)
                        m Iwerner Minster
                        6. George Bowers (1595 in Lincolnshire, England - 1650 in Braithwell, Yorkshire, England)
                            m Barbara Smyth
                            7. Jerathmeel Bowers (1646 in Masasachusetts, USA - 1724 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)
                                m Elizabeth
                                8. Samuel Bowers ( 1680 in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA - 1724 in Chelmsford, Middlesex, Mass. USA)
                                    m Esther Sawtel
                                    9. Esther Bowers (1715 in Groton, Vr, USA - 1788)
                                        m Nehemiah Gould (1704-1758)
		Source: Esther Bowers at	
		Date: 2016 Feb 11

Alexander Golde (c1240)

In Feb 2016, Helen Gould wrote:
The document in Source 1 is incomplete but it contains all of the earliest Golde data so far uncovered.

In the French Document - MRS (Magnus Rotulus Scaccarii) for Normandy, France. An Alexander and John Golde are recorded for the year 1195.

I am starting to wonder if these two are Golde brothers and that the John is our Crusader knight. No where else in the UK records have I found an early example of Alexander Golde except in Seaborough, from around the 1240's to 1263.(see attachment) If these 2 men are one and the same, Alexander must have been very elderly indeed by 1263. It was not that rare for men and women back then to live to a good age if they had access to proper food and clean water.

I am also starting to wonder if Elias Golde (who is always referred to as Ellis in the records) may actually have been the son of John the Crusader. John the Crusader died around 1240-41. If he had married after he returned from the Crusades, Elias/Ellis may well have been his son. It is possible that Alexander Golde took over the upbringing of Elias after the death of John.

On the other hand Alexander may well have been the son of John Golde and that Elias/Ellis was his son. Who knows. All that I do know is the earliest records I have to date are to be found in the Cartulary of Forde Abbey. The earliest records are mid 13th century, probably 1240's, for Alexander Golde of Seaborough. First mention of Elias/Ellis Golde in the Cartulary is 1254. The last entry for Alexander is 1263.

Elias Golde appears in the Cartulary records for Newenham Abbey (Axminster, Devon) in 1276. The Forde Cartulary records up to mid to late 14th Century, records for the various Robert and John Golde'. Referred to quite often as the sons of Ellis Golde of Seaborough.

I have copies of the French Magnus Rotulus Scaccarii (MRS) Document, the Cartularies of Forde Abbey, Newenham Abbey and Muchelney Abbey. I am still digging for litigation case documents where Elias develops a taste for litigation, followed then by his sons Robert and John.

The information from Helen Gould is stored in a pdf file in Source 1.

Descendants of Nehemiah Gould (1715-1758)

Source 6 contains a long list of approximately 300 descendants (including their spouses) of Nehemiah Gould and Esther Bowers (1715-1737) who were married on Nov 1, 1737. James Gould Sr was one of their sons. But WikiTree also contains a long list of ancestors of Nehemiah Gould which can be seen starting in Source 5. The most distant known Gould ancestor of theirs was John Gould (c1195-c1244). There are approximately 20 generations of known Goulds before Nehemiah Gould.

The Notes about Nehemiah Gould in WikiTree as of Feb 2016 appear below:


Nehemiah Gould was born on October 15, 1715 at Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Nehemiah is the son of Thomas Gould and Abigail Needham. Nehemiah dies on July 20, 1758 at Lake George, Massachusetts.

Nehemiah Gould marries Esther Bowers (born Oct. 15, 1715) on November 1, 1737 at Groton, MIddlesex, Massachusetts. Esther Bowers is the daughter of Samuel Bowers (born about 1665 Groton, Middlesex, MA) and Esther Satley (born about 1692, Groton, Middlesex, MA)


Children of Nehemiah Gould and Esther Bowers are:

1. Esther (Gould) Spencer born Dec 31, 1738 [Ed note: see Source 7]

2. Nehemiah Gould born November 28, 1741, dies March 19, 1745.

3. James Gould was born on January 28, 1743 at Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts. James dies about 1789 at Groton, Massachusetts.

4. Jonas Gould born January 26, 1745, dies February 11, 1745.

5. Lydia Gould born January 25, 1746 at Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts.

6. Meriah (Mary) Gould born February 5, 1748

7. Jonas Gould born February 8, 1749

8. Nehemiah Gould born January 13, 1752 at Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Nehemiah Spencer (II) dies in 1774 at Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts.

9. Moriah Gould was born June 5, 1754 in Groton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA. Moriah marries Lucy Emery. Moriah was a Soldier in the Revolutionary War. Moriah dies on September 7, 1825 in Norridgewock, Somerset County, Maine, USA. He is buried in the Old Oak Cemetery, Norridgewock, Somerset County, Maine, USA.

10. Hosea Gould born about 1758 in Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts.

Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society

These proceedings include some text that appears "as is" in written documents, including spelling mistakes verbatim.

A short time after the retreat of the English from Ticonderoga in the summer of 1758 Colonel Nichols's Massachusetts Regiment was waylaid on July 20 at the Half Way Brook between Fort Edward and Lake George and met with sore disaster. More than twenty soldiers were slain in the skirmish and most of them scalped by the savage allies of the French. The Groton company suffered more severely than any other in the regiment. Their loss comprised Capt Thomas Lawrence privates Abel Sawtell Eleazer Ames and Stephen Foster all of Groton. Corporal Nehemiah Gould of Groton Gore (sometimes spoken of as Township No 1 and now lying mostly in Mason New Hampshire); and Sergeant Oliver Wright and Private Simon Wheeler both of Westford Sergeant Oliver Lakin of Groton and Private Joel Crosby of Westford were reported as missing though one account says that Crosby was killed It is known that Sergeant Lakin was taken prisoner during the action and released from captivity the next year by paying a ransom See Groton during the Indian Wars pages 1G3-1G5 for a muster roll of the company .

The things Belonging Corpril Nehemiah Goold Apprisors I turn one jacket 2 5 0 It one Druget Shirt at 1 0 0 It one pair of Stockins 0 12 0 It one Cap and hanker 0 05 0 Daniel It one pair of Shoos and l Leonar Buckets 0 12 0 Joseph It one pound of Sope 0 10 0 It two Napsacks footings 0 10 0 It one pair of Specks 0 07 6 6 2 6 Total It one pound of tobacko 0 10 0

Groton May y 15 1759 Ileciued of Cap Ephraim Wesson Seuen pounds Seuen Shilings old tenor in full of an Inucntary taken at the halfway brook of the things belonging to my Late husband Nehemiah Goold Desast by me Esther Goold.

Groton Historical Series

A Collection of Papers Relating to the History of the Town of Groton, Massachusetts, Volume 2.

The children of Nehemiah and Esther Gould whose births are recorded at Groton were as follows:

1. Esther born December 21 1738

2. Nehemiah born November 28 1741 and died March 19 1745

3. James born January 28 1743 and died February n 1745

4. Jonas born January 26 1745

5. Lydia born January 25 1746

6. Meriah Maria born February 5 1748

7. Jonas born February 8 1749

8. Nehemiah born January 13 1752

From the account of Moriah Gould as given in the "History of Norridgewoc" it appears that he was born on June 5 1754 which would have brought him next to Nehemiah in this list It may be a question whether he is not the same as Meriah who was born on February 5 1748.


Name: Nehemiah Goold Spouse's Name: Esther Bowers Event Date: 01 Nov 1737 Event Place: Groton, Middlesex, Massachusetts Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M50208-1 , System Origin: Massachusetts-ODM , GS Film number: 0873746 IT 5

Massachusetts Vital Records to 1850 Transcription First name(s) Nehemiah Last name Goold Event type Marriage Marriage year 1737 City Groton Country United States Volume name GROTON-V2 Page number 76 Record set Massachusetts Vital Records to 1850 Category Birth, Marriage & Death (Parish Registers) Subcategory Marriages & divorces Collections from United States & Canada New England Historic Genealogical Society Copyright New England Historic Genealogical Society


Marriage - "Massachusetts, Marriages, 1695-1910," index, FamilySearch [1] : accessed 07 Oct 2014), Nehemiah Goold and Esther Bowers, 01 Nov 1737; citing reference ; FHL microfilm 0873746 IT 5.

Book Reference of Marriage - Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society By Massachusetts Historical Society. [2]

Book Reference - History of the Town of Groton: Including Pepperell, Volume 42; Volume 440. [3].

Book Reference - Groton Historical Series: A Collection of Papers Relating to the History of the Town of Groton, Massachusetts, Volume 2. Volume 2 of Groton Historical Series, Samuel Abbott Green. Edition: reprint. Publisher S.A. Green, 1890. Original from Princeton University. Digitized23 Jan 2009. [4].


WikiTree profile Gould-508 created through the import of Tom.ged on Jun 1, 2011 by Tom Elliott. See the Changes page for the details of edits by Tom and others.

Thank you to Bennett Rockney for creating WikiTree profile Gould-1216 through the import of Rockney GEDCOM.ged on Feb 16, 2013.

Gould-Walls Genealogy

In 1951, Herbert Arthur Walls wrote a very detailed article about James Gould Sr. (1743-1822), his ancestors, his family and his grandchildren. One of the grandaughters of James Gould Sr. was Lizzie Jane Gould (1852-1928). She married Frank Henry Walls (1853-1931). One of their children was Herbert Arthur Walls (1882-1959) who wrote the Gould-Walls Genealogy which was published by the Vineland Historical Society. Herbert Arthur Walls died in 1959 and was buried in the Vineland Cumberland County cemetary in New Jersey (Source 3).

Images of the pages of the article written by Herbert Arthur Walls can be seen in web link "www "of Source 2 at the bottom of this webpage. The weblink named "Vineland Historical Magazine: Gould and Walls Genealogy" in Source 2 is a properly oriented and magnified (but slightly blurry) copy of the article. Readers can choose which one is more readable according to their own taste.

Massachusetts Historical Society

The photo below is an excerpt from the Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

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thumb:  Massachusetts Historical Society
Massachusetts Historical Society

This same page is page 12 of Source 10. This source is more easily searched than the Proceedings of the Mass. Historical Society. This page lists many marriages of army personnel. The pertinent entry is:
Corporal Nehemiah Gould was married to Esther Bowers at Groton, on Nov. 1, 1737.

Two Persons named Nehemiah Gould in Mason, New Hampshire

First: a note about searching Google Books
The Google company is endeavouring to capture and archive a large number of old books to make them available to everyone at no charge. The image below shows the results of doing a Google Books Search (as contrasted to a Google Images Search) for "Nehemiah Gould" (be sure to include the double quotes around the search phrase). Note that the first result is "History of the Town of Mason, N.H. . . . .". This book has been chosen as Source 9 for this article.

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thumb:  Google Books Search for Nehemiah Gould
Google Books Search for Nehemiah Gould

Source 9 is a Google Book. Clicking on Source 9 takes you to this Google Book on the web and opens up a search box. In this case it is of interest to search for "Nehemiah Gould". Simply enter "Nehemiah Gould" (with the double quotes) in the search box and click on the "Search inside" button to the right of the search box. Google Books will then display a list of the occurrences. In this case, the phrase appears on pages 44, 45, 161 and 176. These results are described in the following paragraph.

Source 9 is a book about the town of Mason, New Hampshire. On pages 44 and 45 there is mention of Nehemiah Gould who died in 1758 and a second Nehemiah Gould (1752-1774) (WikiTree ID: Gould-191) who married Molly Kemp (WikiTree ID: Kemp-24) at Groton March 9 1773. This is only strange because he and Molly Kemp apparently had 9 children but they had only been married 1 year when he died. More research will be necessary to correct these dates. Pages 161 and 176 mention that Corporal Nehemiah Gould (1715-1758) (WikiTree ID: Gould-508) married Esther Bowers on Nov 1 1741-2 and that he was killed in battle near Lake George on July 20, 1758. It can be deduced that the latter is Corporal Nehemiah Gould (1715-1758) who married Esther Bowers on Nov 1 1741-2. Of course, the latter couple are the parents of Lt. James Gould Sr. (1743-1822).

James L Gould (July 31 1945-living)

This James L Gould (Source 14) is not an ancestor but is a cousin (many times removed) of Jan Barber and Paul Delaney. He would be a source of the Gould (paternal) Y-DNA.

This James L Gould (Source 14) is a renowned professor at Princeton University who proved that bees taught their fellow bees where to go to find honey by doing a little dance in the bee hive. The marriage record of his parents can be seen at Source 18. Prof. James L Gould has a common ancestor with James Gould Sr. The common ancestor is John Gould (c1585-11 Jul 1650) who married Judith Marks (02 Jul 1588-06 May 1650). His grave-stone can be seen at the FindAGrave site (Source 17). The profiles in the FindAGrave site contain links to the FindAGrave site of immediate family members.

Some of the persons (eg Lt. Nathan Gold Jr. in Source 15) in this descendancy were found in the website. At the website, a photo of the grave-stone often accompanies the profile of the person cited. Lt. Nathan Gold (1663-1723) can also be found in FindAGrave (Source 16). Lt. Nathan Gold Jr (1663-1723) was the Deputy Governor (aka Lieut. Gov.) of Connecticut from 1708 to 1723.

The descendancy from John Gould & his wife Judith Marks to James L Gould (1945-living) is:
 1. John Gould (1584-11 Jul 1650)
    m Judith Marks (02 Jul 1588-06 May 1650)
    2. Maj. Nathan Gold (1623-1694) 
         m Sarah Phippen (c1633-?)
         3. Lt Nathan Gold Jr. (1663-1723) 
             m Hannah Talcott (1663-1696)
             4. Samuel Gould (Dec 27 1692 - Oct 11 1769) 
                 m Esther Gold (1696-?)
                 5. Col. Abraham Gould (1732-1777) 
                     m Elizabeth Burr
                     6. Abraham Gould   (1766-1823)
                         m Anna Gould
                         7. Charles Irving Gould (1790-Sep 4 1860) 
                             m Olive (Jan 21 1794-Jul 1 1873)
                             8. Orrin Phillip Gould (Jan 23, 1826 - Jul 2 1893) 
                                 m Damaris Greene (1823-1885)
                                 9. Charles Irving Gould (Nov 17 1850 - Nov 16 1941)
                                      m Lucy Roberts Webster (1855-1894)
                                      10. Jay Alva Gould (12 Dec 1890 - Dec 1976)
                                            m Ina Julia Lockard (31 Aug 1888-8 Oct 1948)
                                            11. James L.  Gould (1916-?)
                                                  m Doris Mae Frazier
                                                  12. James L. Gould (1945-living)
                                                        m Carol Holly Grant
The descendancy from John Gould & his wife Judith Marks to James Gould Sr. (1743-1822) is:
 1. John Gould (c1585-11 Jul 1650)
    m Judith Marks (02 Jul 1588-01 Apr 1652)
    2. Thomas Gould (c1613-1675)
        m Hannah Niler (1621-15 Mar 1647)
        3. Thomas Gould (c1639-24 Jun 1690)
             m Elizabeth French (c1643-)
             4. Thomas Gould (26 Feb 1667-1732)
                  m Abigail Needham (31 May-)
                   5. Nehemiah Gould (15 Oct 1715-20 Jul 1758)
                        m Esther Bowers (15 Oct 1715-Apr 1788)
                        6. James Gould Sr (1743-1822)
                            m Mary Lovejoy (27 Sep 1747-)
Stan and Helen Gould have done considerable research about the Gould family. They have provided their 10 page annotated copy of the above descent from John Gould (1584-1650) to James Gould Sr. Their document can be found in PDF form in Source 19. They state that "Our master Gould genealogy goes back to John, the Crusader, Gole/Gold/Goold/Gould b 1195 in England". If you wish to contact them, communicate with the webmaster of this page.

Alphabetical List of Ancestors of James Gould Sr. (1743-1822)

The (non-clickable) image shown below is an alphabetical list of 10 generations of direct ancestors of James Gould Sr. (1743-1822). It's data was current as of February, 2016. It includes the birth date & place and death date & place (if known). The people are listed in order of their surname at birth. An up-to-date clickable version of this list can be found here . On the clickable version, to the right of each name is a list of 5 very tiny clickable icons. In order, each one takes you to the following webpage about the individual:
To see more information about his descendants see my Article 108 (Source 11) below.

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thumb:  Unclickable List of Ancestors of James Gould Sr.
Unclickable List of Ancestors of James Gould Sr.

External Sources

Book 1: Walls, Herbert Arthur: "The Gould-Walls Genealogy" in Vineland Historical Magazine v.34-36 (1950-1952) pub: 01 Jan 1952, Repository: Family History Library 974.9 B2v v. 34-36

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