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thumb:  The Gould Family Tree
The Gould Family Tree

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For many of us, the ancestors of either James Gould Jr or his wife Sophie Penn were unknown. But recently the descendants of both families met and now the history of this couple is being put together. James was on the American side fighting against the British at Saratoga. After the war, in Canada, he married Sophie Penn whose father, 2nd Lieutenant John Payne, also served on the American side, in Col Sealy's regiment. It is unknown why James Gould and Sophie Penn were living in Cape Breton in 1791 when they were married. (Readers must remember that before 1812, Massachusetts, Nova Scotia, Cape Breton etc. were still under British rule.) Their last child, Sophie GOULD was born on June 9 1803. The GOULD surname (along with Reilly, Milward, Bollong, Wheeler, Ley, Neale, Huxford, Russell) appears in a list of inhabitants of Mainadieu in Peter Landry's book: History of Nova Scotia (in 7 volumes) [External References: Book 8, Source 50]. Source 50 is an on-line version of this same book, although the books` names differ. Landry`s on-line book contains a treasure-trove of web-links including a glossary and a list of the books that Landry used as his sources etc.

After 1802, their marriage in Canada failed and James returned to the USA. Sophie remained in Canada and remarried. Sophie's second husband was William Cummings. This webpage is about James Gould Jr., Sophie Penn, their families, many of their ancestors and their descendants with many sources and links to other websites.

A second web-page (Source 48: Article 111) was created by this same web-master (David Cole) that describes Lt. James Gould Sr. (1743-1822), his wife Mary Lovejoy, their children and their ancestors. Most of these ancestors have been excluded from the web-page (Article 108 about James Gould Jr.), that you are currently reading.


This article is possible due to genealogy work mainly by the following persons (and others):
Janine Barber whose parents researched the Gould Family including the Gould family bible.
Paul Delaney whose extensive research includes many families such as Payne from Magdeline Islands.
David Cole who published the Payne family information on the Web where Janine Barber and Karen Sims found it.

Spellings of Surnames
	Arseneault     Arsenau, Arseneau, Arsenault
	Babcock        Badcock
	Cilley         Sealy
	Cummings       Commons
	Gould          Gold or Goold
	Herriott       Harriot
	Hutchinson     Huthenson
	Penn           Payne, Peine, Payn or Pain
	Theriault      Theriau, Thériault, Terriot, Therriault
	Tisdale        Tisdall
	Vigneau        Vignau

The Battle of Saratoga

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thumb: Map of the Battle Of Saratoga 1777
Map of the Battle Of Saratoga 1777

The father of Private James Gould was Lieutenant James Gould who fought in the Battle of Saratoga in 1777. From Source 1, we learn:

This was a battle between the Americans from New Hampshire and the British. The American leaders were:

-Maj. Dearborn's Battalion of Infantry,
-Col. Cilley's [aka Sealy's] Continental Reg't, First N.H.,
-Col. Reid's Second N.H. Reg't,
-Col. Scammell's Third N.H. Reg't.

Lieutenant James Gould was in Col. Cilley's Continental Reg't, First N.H.

The British leader was General Burgoyne. The senior officers of the British regiments were Major General Phillips, Baron Riedesel, Brigadier Simon Fraser and Brigadier Hamilton. Burgoyne was allied with the following forces:

-General Sir William Howe, who had invaded the New York City area in 1776,
-a contingent of Native Americans who decided to leave in 1777,
-a second British column under Clinton was stalled by the American controlled Fort Stanwix,
-his allies, the German troops, the Hessiers, were overwhelmed by the Americans,
-a major British column en route to seek supplies in Vermont was overrun, costing Burgoyne 1000 men.

General Burgoyne capitulated on 17 October 1777, a major turning point in the US War for Independance

The exact quotation about Lieutenant James Gould is:
In Col. Cilley's Regiment, Captain William Scott of Peterborourgh, Lieutenant James Gould of Groton, Lieutenant Jonathan Emerson of Dunstable and Lieutenant Barzillal Howe of Hillsborough were all wounded and Captain Jason Waitt of Alstead and Lieutenant John Moore of Pembroke were made prisoners.

More information is available in Book 2 (see External References below). Janine Barber writes:
Bev Henry, a respected Gould family genealogist, got in touch with me regarding merging Lt. James Gould with my Lt. James Gould [in WikiTree]. We both have copies of (the printed book) Goulds of Topsfield, MA [Book 2, Source 49] that notes Lt James Gould's parents.
Book 5 listed at the end of this article, is said to contain references to Lt James Gould and his son, Pvt James Gould who both participated in the American Revolutionary War.

Source 31 is a link to James (John) Gould Sr (1668-?). The "www" link takes you to his live "clickable" record at but a paid subscription to Ancestry is necessary to do much with it. The non-www link in Source 31 is a "free" image of the Ancestry webpage showing his parents and children.

Ancestors of Lieutenant James Gould (1743-1822)

The webpage at WikiTree (Source 13) shown below is the family tree of the Gould ancestors of Lieutenant James Gould (1743-1822) going back to Thomas Gould (c1613-1675). The wife of the latter was Hannah Miller (1621-15 Mar 1647). Previous ancestors can be found at Source 13.

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thumb: Ancestors of Lieutenant James Gould (1743-1822)
Ancestors of Lieutenant James Gould (1743-1822)

The senior James GOULD family

Source 12 at Ancestry is one of the most detailed descriptions of the parents and birth of Lieutenant James GOULD. Because Ancestry usually requires a paid subscription, a photo of the family description at this Ancestry web page is provided. Beware the web Link named "www" goes directly to The other web Link named "Parents of Lieutenant James GOULD" brings up the photo of the Ancestry Page. Here we see that Lieutenant James (John) GOULD was Born in Kingston Bagpuis, Berkshire, England on 22 Jun 1668.

Book 4, described at the bottom of this article, refers to a small article that describes the early married life of Lt James GOULD with his unnamed wife, Mary Lovejoy, and the birth of their first son, James GOULD Jr. This article can be found in one of the files in Source 16. This file is named 11112015112926.pdf which contains page 386 of the Gazetteer and contains the full text.

The younger James GOULD family

The WikiTree website (Source 26) image shown below, describing this family does not provide information about the husband and family of Ann Gould.

Source 12 (at is one of the most detailed description of the family and descendants of James GOULD. The Source 26 www web link takes you to James Gould (1765-Before 1841) on WikiTree. The other web Link named "WikiTree: James GOULD (1765-Before 1841)" brings up a photo of the Descendants of James Gould (at WikiTree). For many years the 4 children in this family have been listed on WorldConnect which is Source 2.

But more information about the family of Ann Gould can be found in the section of this current webpage entitled "Yvette nee Richard Cole's descent from Sophie PENN". Ann Gould married Louis-Michel-Hyppolite Theriault (1819-) as can be seen in Source 25.

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thumb: Descendants of Gould James Jr
Descendants of Gould James Jr)

Source 2 asserts that "James GOULD married Sophie Penn and that he was the son of Lieutenant James Gould ( January 28, 1743-October 11, 1822) who fought in the battle of Saratoga. Private James Gould went to war with his father as a `waiter`. At the Battle of Saratoga, his father survived two bullets."

Source 3 provides more details about the Battle of Saratoga.

Source 4 mentions Col. Arthur Goold, a loyalist from Halifax, who fought against Washington's armies in 1777. This Arthur Goold, a member of the Council of Nova Scotia, was later private secretary to Lord William Campbell. The webmaster, David Cole, initially thought that Arthur's son, James Gould, was the husband of Sophie Penn. He no longer believes this to be the case. Perhaps these two Goulds were related?

Source 5 is a link to Private James Gould on WikiTree Gould-2742 and contains a list of his ancestors. His information is managed by Janine Barber. Source 6 is a link to his wife Sophia Penn on and it lists her ancestors. Some of her information was provided by David Cole (davidcole8). Note that is a free site, but you need to create a username and password to access it.

The mother of the younger James Gould (and the wife of Lieutenant James Gould) is Mary Lovejoy as seen in Source 7 below. This source also cites her parents.

The family raised by John Payne and Lydia Tisdale (or Tisdall) including Sophie Payne is described in Source 11. Source 11 is the Murrant genealogy named after Thomas Murrant Sr who married Aurelia Payne (c1764-1846), a sister of Sophia Payne (c1776-April 20, 1857).

The ancestors and descendants of Sophie PENN have been known to David Cole for many years, but knowledge of the parents of her first husband, James Gould, was unknown. Similarly, the ancestors and descendants of James GOULD have been known to Janine Barber and her parents and grandparents, but they were searching for information about Sophie PENN's family. Finally, the two family histories have been brought together, today, Dec 30, one of the last days of 2015. This happened due to the preservation of the GOULD family bible and the perseverance of Janine Barber.

Another, yet unexplored reference to Arthur Goold is:
NOBLE, ARTHUR – Volume III (1741-1770)
, Kingston, Ont., 1969), pp.219–24. New Eng. Hist. and Geneal. Register, XXIV (1870), 370. Rawlyk, Yankees at Louisbourg, 126–27. William Goold, “Col. Arthur ...."

Family of James GOULD and Sophia PENN

Paul Delaney has provided the following information:
JAMES GOOLD, arrived in CB from USA; James Goold signed testimony to Hon David Mathews, 20 May 1797 (CB Misc Papers, RG1 326) m?2. St George’s Anglican Church, Sydney, CB, 21 July 1791 (witnesses: Mr Hiram Payne, Mrs Cossit). In Source 2, at the WorldConnect web-site, David Cole incorrectly identifies James Goold Jr (1765-1844) as Michael James Gould. This has yet to be corrected.

SOPHIA PAYNE (John & Lydia Tisdale); m2 c1804 William COMMONS

a. Susannah, bp St George’s Anglican Church, Sydney, CB 16 May 1793 (sponsors: Mrs Hiram Payne, Mrs Ann Peters, Miss Anne Peters); m St George’s Anglican Church, Sydney, CB 11 Dec 1810 James Frederick BOUTELIER (Frederick Nicholas & Anna Barbara Hirtle) Rc Baddeck 1818, I ch 1820, James Boutelier, 25, b NS, 5 yrs CB, petitions for land at Baddeck abandoned by Peck

b. Anne, bp St George’s Anglican Church, Sydney, CB, 27 August 1797 (Sponsors: Tisdale Payne, Mr William Hill, Sophia Cossit for Laura Payne); m 10 Oct 1816 Hypolite THÉRIAULT (Louis & Anastasie Cormier)

c. William, bp St George’s Anglican Church, Sydney, CB, 10 September 1798 (sponsors: George C Cossit, James Hill, Phebe Cossit, proxy for Benony Mun, John Pain, Lyda Pain); m 8 August 1813 Sophie BOUTELIER (Frederick Nicholas & Anna Barbara Hirtle). Among the heirs of Frederick Boutilier of Little Bras d’or was Sophia Goold, wife of William (letter of Phyllis Wagg, 5 Apr 1988).

d. Sophiah, bp St George’s Anglican Church, Sydney, CB, 9 June 1803 (sponsors: Nathaniel Spenser, Mrs Laura Spenser); m St George’s Anglican Church, Sydney, CB, 4 November 1820 Thomas D ROBERT
Janine Barber has located the Baptism Records of this family at Source 36. The instructions are:

First, select the website shown in Source 10.

Second, select “Baptisms, marriages, and burials, 1785 - 1850“ This shows, page by page, the entries recorded by Rev. Ranna Cossit. There are 145 images. Or Source 36 will take you directly there.
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thumb: Gould Penn Family Baptisms
Gould Penn Family Baptisms

Graves of William and Sophia nee Boutillier and William Gould

Karen Ward supplied the following photos with this note:

The notebooks I have in my room that were my mother's kept calling to me. I don't know if there are other pictures of gravestones from my parents traveling around cemeteries in New Hampshire but I happened upon these two photos. Also, several Leete related ones. Later in life she wished she'd had a better camera when they were taking these pictures but it was the best they had at the time.

I think I mentioned this before but..... her notes state that William and Sophia are buried next to each other in Pike, NH (see paragraph below the photos) in a cemetery off Rt. 25.

Most of where they explored is very rural and I remember her telling me about unpredictable hours for town halls, records destroyed by fires, dirt roads better for 4 wheel drive than their Chevy Caprice, overgrown, uncared for cemeteries, etc. It was quite an adventure for them.

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thumb: Sophia nee Boutillier Gould Tombstone

                      Sophia nee Boutillier Gould Tombstone
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thumb: William Gould Tombstone

                      William Gould Tombstone

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thumb: Haverhill Cemetery Gould Letter

                      Haverhill Cemetery Gould Letter
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thumb: Haverhill Cemetery Gould Graves Map

                      Haverhill Cemetery Gould Graves Map

The letter and map (above) are from Robert J Rutherfold, the Sec/Treas. of the Haverhill Cemetery Commission. He has identified the exact locations of the graves of William Gould, his wife Sophia nee Boutellier and their daughter Ellen S. He also identified the exact locations of the graves of Phineas Gould and his wife Mary Jane and their son Simon S. Gould. He also copied onto the map, the inscriptions on these gravestones. The inscriptions that he wrote on the map are almost illegible, but they are shown below. The two gravestones shown above the map are those of William and his wife Sophia. We do not have a photo of the gravestone of the Phineas Gould family.

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thumb: Gould,Phineas, Mary Jane, SimonS grave inscriptions

                      Gould, Phineas, Mary Jane, SimonS grave inscriptions
Inscription: Phineas illegible 1769-1851
Mary Jane wife of Phineas ?-1862
Simon S son 1806-?
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thumb: Gould,  William, Sophia grave inscriptions

                      Gould, William, Sophia grave inscriptions
Inscription: Ellen S ?-?, Sophia ?-?, William Gould ?-?

Pike, New Hampshire

Wikipedia describes Pike, NH as follows:
Pike is a small unincorporated community within the town of Haverhill, New Hampshire, in the United States. It is located in western Grafton County, approximately 3 miles (5 km) east of the village of Haverhill, on Oliverian Brook. The village was named after Alonzo Pike, who produced sharpening stones and tool and cutter grinders from a local deposit of Bethlehem gneiss.[2]

New Hampshire Route 25 runs through the community, heading west to the nearby Connecticut River valley and east through Oliverian Notch to the southern foothills of the White Mountains.

Pike has a separate ZIP code (03780) from the rest of Haverhill. The Pike telephone exchange covers the southern half of the town of Haverhill, including Haverhill village, and extends east to include the village of Glencliff in the town of Warren.
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thumb: Pike, New Hampshire

Pike, New Hampshire

Death of James Gould Jr

The date of the death of James Gould Jr is unknown. It must surely be after 1831 because he applied for a pension in 1832 as shown in the image below. This is one of the images in Source 16.

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thumb: Pension Application by James Gould Jr. in 1832
Pension Application by James Gould Jr. in 1832

Sophier nee Goold Roberts, daughter of James Gould Jr. and Sophie Paine

The article in Source 30 describes the Roberts and Goold families. One of the members of the Roberts family is Thomas Dison Roberts, born Oct 25, 1789 in the County of Hampshire, Parish of Ringwood, House of Moxford, England. He married Sophier Goold born July 4, 1800 at Little Birdeck, Cape Breton, Canada. She was the daughter of James Goold Jr. and his wife Sophie nee Paine who was the daughter of Capt. John Paine and Lydia Tisdall. In Cape Breton, in 2016, there is a community called Beddeck which is probably a variant of the name "Birdeck". The webmaster is not surprised to see Sophia spelled as "Sophier". The webmaster's paternal grandparents were born and raised in London, England where words rhyming with Sophia are pronounced "Sophier". The final "a" is pronounced like "er". Many people in Cape Breton would not know of this regional pronunciation and would record the name as they hear it.

The last page of Source 30 contains one descendancy from Thomas Goold (1639-?) down through Sophier Gould through Stephan James Roberts to William John Meilland (1972-?) who is probably still alive at the time of writing this article 108 (in 2016). The last page of Source 30 concludes with a list of its sources. A very small portion of the Roberts article is transcribed below:
"Thomas Dison Roberts and Sophier ([nee] Gould) Roberts were parents of twelve children; but of these, three died as babies; one was scalded-one killed by a spinning wheel falling on it. Sophier ([nee] Gould) Roberts died January 16, 1876 at Fox Lake, Wisconsin and Thomas Dison Roberts died September 23, 1886 at Fox Lake Wisconsin where both are buried."
The Roberts portion of this article contains a vivid account of the travels of Stephen James Roberts plus other anecdotes. The main link in Source 30 is a link to a searchable text file transcribed word for word from the article. The www link in Source 30 is a link to a pdf file containing original images of all typewritten pages of the article.

William Gould (c1798-1865), son of James Gould jr. and of Sophie Paine

Source 20 (WikiTree) shows that William Butter Gould lived to the age of 92 years. This source indicates that his middle name or nickname is Butter. William lived to be 92. In Canada, he was a hunter and fisherman. He was a carpenter in New Hampshire after moving his wife and family from Cape Breton Island to Grafton County, New Hampshire. Source 23 shows that his wife was Sophia Magdalena Boutilier. Their daughter, Hannah Gould, b. 1826 in Cape Breton Island, remembered their journey from Nova Scotia to Uncle Phineas Gould's home. It was recorded in the East Hartford Weekly Gazette, dated December 14, 1928.

Sophia Magdalena Boutilier was the daughter of Frederick Nicholas Boutilier (c1754-1779) and Anna Barbara Hirtle (1758-After 1834) who lived in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada. Their son, James Frederick Boutilier (1784-1879) married Susan Gould (c1792-Before 1871) who is the sister of William Gould (c1798-1865). So, these two children of a Gould family married two children of a Boutilier family.

Source 21 is a pdf containing references to an image of the actual land grant application by William Gould. The image is shown below:

Page 187 of The History of Piermont, New Hampshire, 1764-1947 (Book 6) states
William Gould m. Ellen Boutelier, D. August 10, 1878. Her first name was Sophia, but the date may be accurate.
Because the marriage record and the official census records do not mention the middle name of Ellen, Ellen has not been included as part of her name in this genealogy article. Other sources indicate that the date of their marriage was 1813. Perhaps the "D." indicates that Sophia Magdalena Boutilier died on August 10, 1878.

(To enlarge .....Click it)
thumb: land grant application by William Gould
land grant application by William Gould

(To enlarge .....Click it)
thumb: reverse of land grant application by William Gould
reverse of land grant application by William Gould

James Gould (1840-?), son of a different William Gould

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thumb:  Baptism of James Gould in 1840
l Baptism of James Gould in 1840

Shown above is the 1840 Baptism record of James Gould, son of William Gould. This record was found at in the Drouin Collection. It is filed there as James Gould's Birth: 23 Aug 1840, Baptism 1840 - Quebec, Québec [26 Aug 1840]. It says that the mother of this James Gould was Margaret [illegible] wheras the wife of Williaim Gould was Sophia Magdalena Boutilier. Therefore, This James Gould is not the grandson of James Gould Jr. (c1775- After 1831).

transcription in French
	? ? ? Campeau
	B.544 James GOULD
	Le vingt-six Aout mile huit-cent quarante
	? prêtre, ? de Québec, soussigné,  ?
	sont baptisé James né le vingt-trois du cou-
	rant, du légitime mariage de William 
	Gould, journalier, et de Margaret ?
	?, de cette paroisse, Parrain ?
	? ?, marraine Ellen Sills
	? ?  ? déclaré  ? d'avoir signer
	Le pêre absent
	-------? Campeau, ptre

Ancestors of Henry Butter Gould (c1790-1908)

The pedigree of Henry Butter Gould is shown below:

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thumb: Pedigree of Henry Butter Gould (c1790-1908)
Pedigree of Henry Butter Gould (c1790-1908)

The middle name of "Butter" has been seen written as "Butler". Janine Barber suggests that this might be an anglicized version of "Boutilier". For more information about the Boutilier connection refer to Source 23 and Source 24 below. In Source 23, William Gould (b c1794) is reported to have married Sophia Magdalena Boutilier on 8 Aug 1813.

Yvette nee Richard Cole's descent from Sophie PENN

Sophie PENN was born in 1776 in Lebanon, Connecticut, USA. The descent of Yvette nee Richard Cole (this webmaster's wife) from Sophie PENN can be seen at Source 25. Similar information can be found at Family Search (Source 6). Information about living persons is restricted at both sites but the parents of Yvette are visible at both sites.

Note that the Family Search ID (FSID) is shown for Sophie PENN and some others in the descendancy listed below:

1 James Gould (1743-1822) FSID: LKBW-632
  m Mary Lovejoy (c1741-1833)
    2 James Gould (c1775 - After 1831) FSID: LX7S-866
      m Sophie PENN (1776-1857) FSID: LX7S-82K
        3 Anne Gould (1797-1836) FSID: K6H7-33F
          m Louis-Michel-Hyppolite Theriault (1793-?)
            4 Telesphore Theriault (1819-?)
               m Vitaline Vigneau (1823-?)
                5 Lydie (Ledee) Theriault (1847-?)
                  m Richard Delaney (1825-1878)
                    6 Marie-Julie Delaney (1877-1956)
                      m Joseph-Donat Richard (1875-1956)
                        7 Elphege Richard (1908-2004)
                          m Lydie Arseneault (1911-2004)
                            8 Yvette Richard (1944-living)
                              m David Cole (1944-living)
The parents of my wife, Yvette, were both born in Havre-aux-Maisons, les Iles-de-la-Madeleine, QC, Canada which is where Sophie PENN died and was buried. Yvette's eldest sister, Blandine nee Richard Arseneault was also born in Havre-aux-Maisons.

Baptism of children of Sophia nee Penn Commons

The following document (of unknown source) was sent to me by Janine Barber with the following note:
Also, Elise, a translator from the Seattle area, has dug further into Sophia Pain's story and discovered she adopted some children before remarrying -- to William Commons.
What a compassionate woman! Can you help translate this -- either into English, or -- culturally, under what circumstances would a woman adopt two kids, near or around the War of 1812? Could they be family? Was she wealthy?
My study and translation of this document finds no evidence to indicate that these children were adopted by Sophie Penn. Futhermore, this document indicates that these two children, Jacques and Maria, are both children of William Commons and Sophie Penn. It is strange that the document states "tous deux fils" which means "both being sons of". I would have expected it to read "tous deux enfants de" which means "both being children of". In 1811, many were baptised during the pastoral visit to Madeleine Islands (Book 3) of Mgr. Joseph-Octave Plessis, Bishop of Quebec who apparently signed this document.

(To enlarge .....Click it)
thumb: Document Signed By Sophia Commons Page 1
Document Signed By Sophia Commons Page 1

(To enlarge .....Click it)
thumb: Document Signed By Sophia Commons Page 2
Document Signed By Sophia Commons Page 2

Document (in French):
Le vingt-trois juin mil-huit-cent-onze ?? sous-Évêque de Québec sousigné ont été baptisée et confirmés, Jacques né au cap Breton le sept de juin mil-huit-cent-sept et sous condition ? (ayant déjà été envoyée) Maria née le sept ? mil huit-cent-cinq au même lieu tous deux fils de Guillaume Commons journalier et de Sophie Penn. Le parrain et la marraine de Jacques ont été Marcel Arsenault et Marie Bourgeois. Le parrain et la marraine de Maria ont été Jean Edmonds Vignau et ? ? les quels ont déclaré ??? la mère seule ayant signé avec nous.
Sophia Commons
Mgr. J.O. Plessis de Quebec
? aux Iles de la Madeleine, juin 1811

Document (in English):
June 23, 1811 ?? under-Bishop of Quebec, whose signature appears below, baptised and confirmed, Jacques, born in Cape Breton June 7, 1807 and under condition ? (having already been sent) Maria, born ? 7 1805 at the same location, both being sons of William Commons, laborer, and of Sophie Penn. The godfather and godmother of Jacques were Marcel Arsenault and Marie Bourgeois. The godfather and the godmother of Maria were Jean Edmonds Vignau and ? ?. these declared ??? the mother alone having signed with us.
Sophia Commons
Mgr. J.O. Plessis de Quebec
? at Madeleine Islands, June 1811

Sainte-Madeleine de Havre-aux-Maisons

Between 1898 and 1973, Sainte-Madeleine de Havre-aux-Maisons was the church for the island of Havre-aux-Maisons. It was built in 1898 and burnt down in 1973 (Source 8). Lydie Arseneault, the mother of Yvette Richard grew up in the farmhouse south of the rectory of the church. The photo below shows the church. Proceeding south, behind the church is the convent associated with the church. Behind the convent was the rectory and behind the rectory was the farmhouse of Azade Areneault (1876-1959), the grandfather of Yvette nee Richard Cole. The convent is to the left of the church in the photo below. The rectory and Azade's farmhouse do not appear in the photo. The photo below is looking south east. The webmaster and his wife, Yvette, visited the convent and recently stayed in Azade Arseneault's farmhouse for a 1 week period. As of 2015, the convent is being used as a restaurant and inn.

Sophie PENN died in 1857, many years before this church was built. Photos of Azade Arseneault, his house and the convent can be seen by searching for "Azade" at the webmaster's photo gallery site (Source 9) at:

(To enlarge .....Click it)
thumb: Eglise Sainte-Madeleine de Havre-aux-Maisons
Eglise Sainte-Madeleine de Havre-aux-Maisons

(To enlarge .....Click it)
thumb: Eglise Sainte-Madeleine de Havre-aux-Maisons (en hiver)
Eglise Sainte-Madeleine de Havre-aux-Maisons (en hiver)

Old Baptisms, Marriages, Burials in Sydney

Source 10 provides these photocopies of events of members of the Payne family:

Photo 14 page 18: June 1, 1789: John & Lydia Pain baptise William and George Pain;

(To enlarge .....Click it)
thumb: Sydney Baptisms, Marriages, Burials 1785-1850 p18
Sydney Baptisms, Marriages, Burials 1785-1850 p18

Transcription of actual text is:
William Pain born 28th July 1786 and
George Pain born 19th day of January 1789
both sons of Mr John Pain and his wife
Lydia were baptised on the 1st day of June
1789 by me Ranna Cossit.

Note that the long-s was still being written by the clerk. This can easily be verified by examining the script of the first "s" of the name Cossit above (or the word Spinster on the facing page). The long-s was being phased out in the latter part of the 1700s.
In Source 43, Janine Barber explains how to search for Nova Scotia baptism records at the FamilySearch web-site. The particular example cited shows how to look up the baptism record for George Payne (bp Jan 19, 1789 in Sydney, NS, Canada). The clergyman performing this baptism was Rev. Renee Cossit. More information about Renee Cossit can be found at Source 44.

Photo 21 page 32 of collection named "Baptisms, marriages, burials 1785-1850" in Source 10:
July 21,1791: the marriage of James Gold and Sophie Payne. Hiram Payne attended the marriage as a witness.

(To enlarge .....Click it)
thumb: Sydney Baptisms, Marriages, Burials 1785-1850 p32
Sydney Baptisms, Marriages, Burials 1785-1850 p32

Transcription of actual text is:
[July 1791 is inferred from preceding recorded events]
21st Married James Gold & Sophia Payne
Mr. Hiram Payne
Mrs Cossit-- Witnesses

Photo 46 page 78: Sept 10, 1798: William, son of James Gold, is baptised in 1798.

(To enlarge .....Click it)
thumb: Sydney Baptisms, Marriages, Burials 1785-1850 p78
Sydney Baptisms, Marriages, Burials 1785-1850 p78

Transcription of actual text is:
Sept. 10th 1798
Then baptised William son of James Gold
George G. Cossit proxy for Binny Mon(sp)
James Hill(sp) proxy for John Pain
Phebe Cossit proxy for Lydia Pain [+ illegible]

The Ancestors of Sophia Penn (1776-1857)

The ancestors of Sophia Penn (aka Sophie Payne) have been known for a long time. They are accurately shown in the following pedigree chart from the FamilySearch web-site. They are described in more detail below.

(To enlarge .....Click it)
thumb:  Pedigree of Sophia Penn (1776-1857)
Pedigree of Sophia Penn (1776-1857)

(To enlarge .....Click it)
thumb:  Tree of Sophia Penn (1776-1857)
Tree of Sophia Penn (1776-1857)

Joseph Payne (1695-1767) m Anne Babcock (1701-1776)

Their descendancy to Sophie Payne is shown in the above tree, on the right.

I believe that Joseph Payne (Source 29) and Anne Babcock were ancestors of Sophie Payne. When adding them to FamilySearch, I was tempted to merge Joseph Paine of Milton (FSID:KPDL-JWV) who married Mary Babcock (FSID:KPDL-JWV) with "my" Joseph Payne (FSID:MG5L-NRB) who married Anne Babcock (FSID:L28F-2W8) but did not because the families with these wives were comprised of different children. The other Joseph Paine was initially loaded by FamilySearch based upon his marriage record to Ann Babcock (FSID: LHFD-V9M) on 26 FEB 1723. Since then, Paul Gordon has added a wife named Mary Babcock whom he indicates was married on that same date but provides no record source. Instead of merging, I added the following message in the Life Sketch of "my" Joseph Payne:
This Joseph Payne [FSID:MG5L-NRB] ​is NOT the same as Joseph Paine of Milton (KPDL-JWV). Although the parents are the same. These 2 persons must not be merged without examining the source info and removing the contradictory information which is wrong. Wife Mary Babcock is not the same as wife Anna Babcock., nor are the children. [Ed. Weaver in Source 52 differentiates between these two men named Joseph Pain].
To further complicate matters, Anna Babcock (FSID: LHFD-V9M) is also said to have married Elder Joseph Clarke III ( FSID: LJV8-271 ). This marriage may have occurred in 1717 at Westerly, Washington, RI, USA. This predates her marriage to Joseph Paine and is not contradictory because Elder Joseph Clarke III died in 1719.

When David Cole added marriage information, it replaced original information that FamilySearch had already posted. An image of the original FamilySearch marriage record (Anne Babcock m Joseph Paine) at FamilySearch taken on 3 May 2012 is shown below:

(To enlarge .....Click it)
thumb:  Marriage Record: Joseph Paine m Anne Babcock
Marriage Record: Joseph Paine m Anne Babcock

Source 51 also mentions the marriage of Ann Badcock to Joseph Pain on 26 February 1724. On the same page we see her cousin, Mary Badcock marrying a different Joseph Pain said to be of Milton. The two brief entries in Source 51 ( The family of Badcock of Massachusetts) are reprinted below:

. . . . . 15. IV. JAMES BADCOCK, born at Milton 28 March, 1677; married 18 February, 1701, Mary Fenno of Milton; moved in 1702 to Windham, Conn., where most of his children were born; died at Coventry in 1740. An account of his descendants may be read on p55 of Weaver's "History and Genealogy of Ancient Windham" ( Book 9 ). [Ed. Source 52 is page (p55) of Book 9 where we can see an account of the life of James Babcock (1677-1740). Karen Sims concludes that Mary Fenno cannot be the wife of his eldest son.]
Child, born at Milton:
. . . . . i. Ann, b. 8 March, 1702; m. 26 February, 1724, Joseph Pain.
lower on the same page:
. . . . . 18. IV. NATHANIEL BADCOCK, born at Milton 16 December, 1684; married 3 May, 1710, Mary Field of Dorchester; [Ed. he ] died 22 January, 1719; she died 3 December, 1759. Children, born at Milton:
. . . . . i. Mary, b. 19 July, 1711; m. 27 January, 1732, Joseph Pain of Milton.
. . . . ii. Ann, b. 19 March, 1713; d. 13 April, 1732
. . . iii. Ebenezer, b. 25 Mary, 1715; d. 13 March, 1760
. . . iv. George, b. 10 November, 1716
. . . v. Nathaniel, b. 2 July, 1719, posthumous. 29

John Payne (1725-?) m Jemima Hutchinson (1730-1775)

John Payne married Jemima Hutchinson in Coventry, CT on May 7, 1747. They had 4 children: Jemima, John Jr, Lemuel and Hiram. John Payne Jr married Lydia Tisdale and were the grandparents of Sophie Payne who married James Gould Jr. in 1791. Hiram Payne (1763-1845) married Chloe Thayer (1774-1871) on Oct 17 1797.

The Vital Records at Coventry, VT [from pg 156 COVENTRY RECORDS, Source 39] list the following marriages:

John Payn and Jemima Hutherson,                        m. May 7, 1947
Stephen Payn, of Coventry, and Rebeckah Bushnell, 
    daughter of Nathan Bushnell, of Lebanon,           m. September 23, 1756
Stehen Payne and Harriet L. Coan, both of Coventry,    m. November 29, 1838
Coventy Records also list the following births:

     Children of John and Jemima (Huthenson) Payn.
Jemima,                                                                            b. February 1, 1747-48
John,                                                                              b. April 13, 1751
Lemuel,                                                                            b. March 18, 1755
     Children of Stephen and Rebeckah (Bushmal) Payn.
Sarah,                                                                             b. May 20, 1758
Rebeckah,                                                                          b. May 20, 1760
Ebenezer,                                                                          b. September 27, 1762
Allin,                                                                             b. March 31, 1765
Tilla,                                                                             b. November 1, 1767
Source 39 (Book 7) is Births, Marriages, Baptisms and Deaths from the Records of the Town and Churches of Coventry Connecticut 1711-1844 Copied From the Records by Susan Whitney Dimock printed for private distribution New York The Baker & Taylor Company 1897.

It should be noted that Hiram Payne was not listed as a son of John Payne and Jemima Huthenson in this source. But Hiram Payne is shown in the Descendancy Chart below from the FamilySearch site. Source 37 (Alumni of Dartmouth College) proves that Hiram is one of their sons.

Karen Sims found in Source 41 that a Jemima Payne married Israel Smith in 1771. Presumably this Jemima Payn is the daughter of John and Jemima (Huthenson) Payn.

A descendancy chart for John Payne (1725-) is available from FamilySearch (Source 45). Go to Source 45 for the most up-to-date and complete information. A short version of it (as of Aug 7, 2016) is shown below:
thumb:  Descendancy of John Payne

thumb:  Descendancy of John Payne

thumb:  Descendancy of John Payne

Descendancy of John Payne (1725-?) and Jemima Hutchinson (1730-1775)

Hiram was graduated from Dartmouth College in 1787 as can be seen in Source 37 which was discovered for us by Karen Sims. An early post from Karen Sims about Hiram Payne appears in Source 46. Another later post from Karen Sims asking about Hiram Payne is shown below:

Hiram Payne Lebanon Ct, Hanover NH, Cape Breton Nova Scotia, PA, Lyons & Palmyra NY
 ksims37 (View posts)
Posted: 23 Mar 2010 4:14PM GMT
Classification: Query

Surnames: Payne, Paine, Thayer, Tisdale, Hutchinson
Are their any descendants of Hiram Payne who can shed some light on his brother's John and Lemuel? -

From: Dartmouth Alumni 1787 (Source 37) we find: 
"Hiram Payne, A. M. the son of John(1) and Jemima (Hutchinson) Payne, was born at Andover, Ct, in 1763, and died at Palmyra, N. Y. Mar. 22, 1845, Age. 82. He early went to the island of Cape Breton ; after 8 years returned to Hanover; then lived in Pennsylvania engaged in land business; was next at Lyons, N. Y. a merchant; and at length removed to Palmyra. He married Chloe Thayer." --

Hiram's birth is recorded in Barbour (Source ?) as 15 Jan 1763. This is the only birth of a child of John recorded on this page of the records, but the same page records the children of Joseph Payne Jr and Elizabeth Sims (who are also mentioned in WorldConnect: Source 40 [of whom perhaps Karen Sims is a descendant]). Other family trees record Joseph Jr as a brother of John (1). --

A quick Google search finds that Hiram was hired as the first schoolmaster in Sydney, Cape Breton, in 1790. -- 

John Payne (1) and Jemima Hutchinson also have 3 children recorded in Coventry CT:
Jemima, 1 Feb 1748;
John (2), 13 Apr 1751;
Lemuel, 28 Mar 1755; -- there may be more children recorded in another town, 1755 to 1763 is a large gap.

John (1) and Jemimah are probably members of the Andover Religious Society which covered part of 3 Connecticut towns.
John Payne (2) is supposed to be the John Payne who married Lydia Tisdale, 7 May 1775, in Lebanon CT (marriage not in Barbour [Source ?] but is in the reprint edition of Bailey [source ?] ) and ended up in Cow Bay, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. -- 

I have tracked John Payne Sr, John Payne Jr and Lemuel to Hartford, Vermont and Hanover, NH, where John Payne Sr is an innkeeper, but had been unable to connect John (2) with Cape Breton.

This record for Hiram does indicate that the Hanover to Cape Breton connection exists.
-end of post about Hirem Payne by Karen Sims.

In 1772 John Payne Sr. built an Inn in Hanover NH, next to Dartmouth College

Both John Payne Sr and John Payne Jr were surveyors and laid out the plots for many NH towns. They were paid in land, (one plot in each town they surveyed) and when property taxes were instituted after the war, they lost most of it to back taxes (seems rather unfair)

John Payne JR was not a loyalist - he served as a Lieutenant in the revolutionary war. In 1820 he returned to the US and applied for a revolutionary war pension. image attached. Last known address was Castleton, Staten Island, New York. Died 11 Mar 1825. There is a woman, Ester, who collected a widow's pension based on John Jr's pension, but I personally believe she was a fraud.
Referring to the above post by Karen Sims, on July 26, 2016 Janine Barber wrote:
July 26, 2016
Fred G. Cox, Compiler, The Illustrated Historical Souvenir of Bethel, Vermont, Containing a Brief History of the Early Settlement of the Town, the Schools, Churches, Medical, and Legal Professions, Old Families, Business and Manufacturing Interests, Together with Portraits and Biographies of the Citizens, Past and Present (Bethel, Vermont), 1895, n6; n12. Citizens of Bethel, Vermont , accessed 26 July 2016. [This book can be viewed on-line at Source 38. ]

On 29 December, 1777, in Hanover, New Hampshire, eighteen men signed Articles of Agreement for Bethel, Vermont, “…claimed to be the first town in Windsor County chartered by the State of Vermont.” Four Paynes signed: John Payne, Lemuel Payne, Samuel Payne, and John Payne, Jr.

John Payne, Jr, is listed in the VT Early Census Index in the year 1778 as residing at Bethel, in Windsor County, Vermont.

I am seeking permission to reprint a portion of the biographical summary of Renee Cossitt, as created by…

Mason Wade’s [Source ?] excellent article regarding Rev. Renee Cossitt
while researching my family line,

John Payne Jr m Lydia Tisdale (1745-)

John Payne Jr. fought for the American side in the Revolutionary War. When he applied for War Pension benefits, he described his service record as follows:

(To enlarge .....Click it)
thumb: John Payne Jr`s War Pension Application
John Payne Jr`s War Pension Application

Thanks to Karen Sims for the above document. For some of this data, her source is Source 41 below. A searchable text version of ther email can be found at Source 47.

In Karen Sims' email (Source 47), she lists the death date for John Payne (1751-1825) who married Lydia Tisdale. A reference to this death date is in Source 55.

Another source of a different death date for John Payne who married Lydia Tisdale is Source 53 on a web-site created by Roy Murrant. (Roy Murrant can be found by viewing Source 54.) Source 53 says:
was born April 13, 1751 in Coventry, Tolland, Connecticut, and died July 25, 1814 in the Madeleine Islands [Ed. in Quebec, Canada]. He married LYDIA TISDALE May 17, 1775 in the First Congregational Church, Lebanon Conn. [USA]

John was probably Captain John Payne. He left the USA and moved to Cape Breton in 1788 and settled in Cow Bay, Cape Breton . He moved frequently, possibly the result of his occupation. He was in the Madeiline Islands in 1802, Ingonish in 1811 and he witnessed the second marriage of his daughter Sophia to William Commons in the Catholic Church in the Madeilenes in 1814. He probably died there. Correspondence would seem to indicate that he was a boat builder, a mast builder or had a skill related to the marine industry. He was apparently unhappy with his relocation to Cape Breton, likely a "reluctant loyalist". One can speculate that he had a trade valuable to the British and was forced to relocate to Cow Bay to aid war efforts.
Lydia Tisdale and John Payne Jr. were the parents of Sophia Penn (sometimes spelled Payne or Paine) who married James Gould Jr. on 21 JUL 1791 in Saint George church, Sydney, Cape Breton, N.B., Canada.

Donna Baron of the Lebanon Historical Society has provided the following information about Lydia Tisdale:

From: Donna Baron (dbaron at
To: jbarberf
Sent: Mon, Jan 18, 2016 8:10 am
Subject: request for Tisdale - Pain (payne) family information

Thank you for contacting the Lebanon Historical Society regarding your Tisdale & Payne ancestors. I am happy to try and find a birth record for Sophia Pain, but as I began to see what information we had already pulled for these families, I found the following

John Payne of Hartford in the County of Windsor State of Vermont (so called)
in his own and the behalf of Lydia his wife who is sister to Mr. Nathan Tisdale
late of said Lebanon dec.
dated Sept 28, 1787

See Early Conn Marriages by F. Bailey
Lydia Tisdale (the dau of Ebenezer Tisdale) m John Pain May 7, 1775
First Cong. Church

This probate record indicates that at the time of her brother Nathan (a very well known school teacher) death in 1787 Lydia [Tisdale] Pain and her family were living in Hartford, Vermont.

Lydia Tisdale, daughter of Ebenezer and Hope and named for an older sister Lydia who died as an infant was baptized March 19, 1749. Her sister had been baptized February 14, 1742

Although I can find a record of John & Lydia's marriage in Lebanon Vital Records and in her home church records, , I do not see any children's births listed and Sophia was not baptized here. Other than his marriage, I cannot find any definitive information about John Payne. He might be the son of Joseph and Anna Payne (born April 26, 1725 ) [Windham Vital records, book A, page 81] who lived in Lebanon's north or Crank ecclesiastical society. If this is the case there might be records available at the Columbia, CT Congregational Church or from the Columbia town historian. In 1804, the Crank Society became the modern town of Columbia, CT.

This leads me to wonder if John and Lydia moved to Vermont shortly after their marriage. The only way to explore that from here will be to look at land records to see if they sold property in Lebanon. If you would like to have us do that, or to have look through the manuscript vital and church records to see if Sophia's birth was over-looked when the Barbour transcriptions were done, I will direct you to the genealogy page on our web site. Our volunteer genealogist is very capable and very generous with her time. She requests that you make a $50 donation to the Historical Society in addition to paying $0.50 for copies of records.

You might want to contact the Hartford, VT historical society before we undertake what may or may not reveal any information that is useful to you.

Please do contact us if you'd like us to search land records for you, but, I recommend you see if there is more information to be found in Hartford, CT

Donna K. Baron

Museum Director
Lebanon Historical Society
located at 856 Trumbull Highway
PO Box 151
Lebanon, CT06249

860-642-6579 - fax 860-642-6583

Lydia Tisdale and Benjamin Franklin have a common ancestor named Peter Folger (c1617-c1689). His descendants including both Lydia Tisdale and Benjamin Franklin can be seen at Source 18. Lydia is at descendant level 5 and Benjamin is at descendant level 3. At descendant level 10 there is a person named Thomas Joseph COLE (c1860-), not related to the webmaster, see Source 19. At the FamilySearch site, there is someone of the same name, Thomas Joseph COLE (1856-1930) who is probably the same person.

Two Different Persons: Sophie Penn and Sophie Peine

To distinguish between two female individuals named alike (i.e. Sophie Peine and Sophie Penn), Dennis Boudreau [a priest and renowned genealogist] writes:

This Sophie Peine is not to be confused with [Sophie Penn] the wife of William Cummings [after her marriage to James Gould]. This second bride of Benoni Arseneault [Sophie Peine] was found as a six month old child on the beach after a shipwreck at the Islands towards 1815. She was raised at Havre-aux-Maisons. (See Book 1: Harvey, Azade. CONTES ET LEGENDES DES ILES-DE-LA-MADELEINE, Vol. 3, 1977, pp 70-71).
Source 17, by R. Murrant, describes the family of John Payne and Lydia Tisdall, who are the parents of Sophia Payne. His sources include the "Dictionaire La Nobless Francais" and "Norman People".

Sophie Payne (1776-1857)

The Acadian Genealogy Exchange, Volumes 18-20 pp 54,55 (Source 32) begins with the following text:

Note to the Readers: The following information concerning the ancestress
Sophie PAYNE (PENN) of the Madeleine Islands, Quebec, was sent to me very
recently by Mr. Paul Delaney, who personally researched the accompanying
iinformation with the assistance of Margaret Talbot of the New England
Historic Genealogical Society of Boston. MA. Mr. Delaney, a direct . . . . .

It is, of course, this same Paul Delaney who is contributing to this Article 108. Because copyright has not yet expired for the Acadian Gen. Exch. book, only a small portion of the text is available without either purchasing this book or requesting shared access to it.

Handwritten Tree: Gould and Leete Lines

This handwritten tree was scanned in two images, but the information is quite clear. It seems to contain an error concerning the wfe of James Gould Jr (1765-1844/5) whose name is Sophie Payne not Mary Payne. Note the reference to Gov. Leete (1613-1683) who is shown to have married Anne Payne. It is unknown whether this Anne Payne is related to Sophie Payne, but any relationship is improbable.

Anne Payne, wife of Gov. Leete (1613-1683) and daughter of Rev. John Payne (?-20 Sept 1635 in Southhoe, Huntington Co., England), was born in England. Sophie Payne (1776-1857) is a descendant of Stephan Payne (1626-1691) and his wife Hannah Bass whom he married in Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA, USA. Stephan Payne (7 May 1626 in Tenterden, , Kent, England - 29 jul 1691 Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA, USA) arrived in MA about 1649 and became a freeman in 1653. Another source says that he immigrated in 1638. Huntington is 90 km north of London and Tenterden is 70 km southeast of London. These very distant cities make a common ancestry improbable.

Source 27 contains a reference to an Anna Payne (b. c1621) who married Gov. William Leete. Source 27 is a WorldConnect database named "barnardrupert" prepared by Rupert Young. The reference to Anna Payne is by Patrick A. Payne ( whose email address is no longer in use. Rupert Young has no recent contact information for Patrick A. Payne. This is unfortunate because Patrick A. Payne seems to have done considerable research on Anna Payne (b. 1621 in Southoe, Hunts, Eng.)

(To enlarge .....Click it)
thumb: Handwritten Tree: Gould & Leete Lines
Handwritten Tree: Gould & Leete Lines

(To enlarge .....Click it)
thumb: Handwritten Tree: Gould & Leete Lines
Handwritten Tree: Gould & Leete Lines

Note that the handwritten pedigree is "reflected" at the right margin (to save paper). Thomas Gould (1667/8-1732) is the father of Nehemiah Gould (1716-1758), not his brother. Similarly, Benjamin Leete (1686-1741) is the father of Asa Leete (1726-?) not her brother. Janine Barber has uploaded the information about Frank Charles Gould (c1861-1936) to WikiTree: here

Source 28 provides a link to the FamilySearch pedigree of Charles Gould and Ada May Merrill (whose mother was Mary Jane Leete). Clicking on the "www" link of Source 28 will take you to this pedigree at the FamilySearch site (where you will be asked to sign in with a username and password which you can set up for free). Clicking on the "FamilySearch: Charlie Frank Gould (1865-1936)" link of Source 28 will show you an image of the same pedigree without requiring you to sign in. Of course, both contain similar information as on the handwritten tree shown above. The advantage of the tree at the FamilySearch site is that it contains much more information which should also be more complete. Living persons are not displayed at the FamilySearch site. The disadvantage of this information being at the FamilySearch site is that anyone in the world can change or delete it.

An image (as of Jan 31, 2016) of the FamilySearch pedigree of F.C. Gould and his wife Ada May Merrill is shown below:

(To enlarge .....Click it)
thumb: FS Pedigree of Charlie Frank Gould (1865-1936) and his wife
FS Pedigree of Charlie Frank Gould (1865-1936) and his wife

Grave of F.C. Gould (1865-1936)
An image of the grave stone of Frank Charles Gould (aka F C Gould and Charles Frank Gould) can be seen at Source 33. This source identifies his wife as being Ada May [nee Merrill] Gould (1867-1930) with whom his children were:
See Source "FindAGrave: Frank Charles Gould" KV16-2K6 KV16-2KX Ada M. Merrill
The graves of all four appear in the FindAGrave website. Frank Charles Gould was buried in Center Cemetery in East Hartford, Harford County, Connecticut, USA. This website links to the grave of the first wife of Arthur I. Gould named [Gerda Charlotte Johnson] (? - Nov 30 1969). It also links to their son named Earle Frank Gould (1917-2011), his wife, Evelyn Bengtson, and her parents.

A BaberFamily Gedcom in the possession of Janine Barber cites a third child Helen [nee Gould] May who has been added to the above list.

St. George's Anglican Church in Sydney, Nova Scotia

(To enlarge .....Click it)
thumb: St. George's Anglican Church in Sydney, Nova Scotia
St. George's Anglican Church in Sydney, Nova Scotia

St. George's Anglican Church is where Sophia Pain and James Gould were married.

This little church was built in 1790 for use as a garrison chapel for troops and residents in the Sydney area. Due to major deterioration of the stone walls, it was entirely rebuilt in 1859. An interesting, though not authenticated, feature is The Bishop's Chair. It is said that it came from the wardroom of the HMS Victory and it serves as a memento of the time Lord Nelson and his crew once attended service at St. George's.

More information is available from Rootsweb at Source 15.

St. Lawrence church in Bovington, Hertfordshire, UK

Thomas Gould (1455-before 1520), an ancient ancestor of James Gould, worshipped at St. Lawrence church in Bovington, Hertfordshire, UK. He was born and died in Bovington, Hertfordshire, UK. The exact relationship can be seen at WikiTree (Source 5). The first photo below is a photo of St. Lawrence church. The second photo (from Google Maps) shows that Bovington is approximately 12 km west of the city of St. Albans. Charles Percy Cole, the grandfather of the webmaster of this page grew up in Wheathampstead which is approximately 10 km north-east of St. Albans. Both locations are marked with a yellow star on the map.

(To enlarge .....Click it)
thumb: St. Lawrence church in Bovington c1906
St. Lawrence church in Bovington c1906

(To enlarge .....Click it)
thumb: Bovington, Hertfordshire UK
Bovington, Hertfordshire UK

Jan's Ancestor: Reuben R Herriott (1807-1874)

(To enlarge .....Click it)
thumb: Reuben R Herriott's Death Record
Reuben R Herriott's Death Record

Ray Harriot sent a photo of the death record to Jan in 2016 with the following note:
Jan –

In case you don’t have this… It’s Reuben Randolph Herriott’s (R. R. Herriott) death certificate from 1874 in Massachussetts. It states he was born in Broome, New York… and that his parents were David and Rebecca. It does however state that his father David was born in Virginia which I believe is in error.

Line 76 of this death record indicates that R. R. Herriott died Aug 12, 1874 in Medford. The Barber family GEDCOM indicates that he was born 11 Jul 1807 in Broome, New York.

Index of People Mentioned in this Article

                  List of People mentioned in Article 108 (as of 2016 H Aug 08)

This is a list of persons (and their spouses) who are mentioned in the body of Article 108 or in the images.  It 
does not include persons named in the sources nor those in the many websites that this article links to.
(Please notify the webmaster of any errors or omissions.)

--------------------Person ----------------------          ------------------- Spouse ------------------
Family          Given               Birth   Death    Marr  Family      Given               Birth   Death
Name            Names               Date    Date     Date  Name        Names               Date    Date

ARSENEAULT      Azade               1876    1959     1904  THERIAULT   Julienne-Anna       1882    1938
ARSENEAULT      Benoni                                     PEINE       Sophie              1815
ARSENEAULT      Lydie               1911    2004     1935  RICHARD     Elphege             1908    1986
ARSENEAULT      Roch                1933    1985     1957  RICHARD     Blandine            1935                                                                              

BABCOCK         Anna                1701    1776     1723  PAYNE       Joseph              1695    1767
BABCOCK         Mary                1711    ----     1732  PAIN        Joseph of Milton
BADCOCK         Nathaniel           1684    1719     1710  FIELD       Mary                ----    1759
BADCOCK         James               1677    1740     1701  FENNO       Mary
BADCOCK         Ann                 1702    ----     1724  PAIN        Joseph
BADCOCK         Ann                 1713    1732
BADCOCK         Ebenezer            1715    1760
BADCOCK         George              1716
BADCOCK         Nathaniel           1719
BAILEY          F.
BARBER          Janine
BARBER          John Randolph       1921    2016-          SIMMONS     Ruth J.             1921    2010+
BARON           Donna K.
BASSETT         Hope                1708    1761     1730  TISDALE     Ebenezer            1707    1803
BENGTSON        Evelyn              1921    2013           GOULD       Earle Frank         1917    2011          
BOUDREAU        Dennis                                          
BOUTILIER       Frederick Nicholas  1754?   1779           HIRTLE      Anna Barbara        1758    1834
BOUTILIER       James Frederick     1784    1879     1810  GOULD       Susanah             1793    1871-
BOUTELIER       Sophia Magdalena    1790?   1860?    1813  GOULD       William Butter      1790    1865
BOUTILIER       Victoria
BOWERS          Esther              1715    1788     1737  GOULD       Nehemiah            1715    1758
BOWERS          Samuel              1688
BURGOYNE        ? Gen.
BUSHNELL        Nathan
BUSHNELL        Rebeckah            ----    ----     1756  PAYN        Stephan

CAMPBELL        William Lord
CHAMPION        Rachel                                     LEETE       Benjamin            1686    1741
CHILD           Hamilton
CHITTENDEN      Mary                                       LEETE       John                1639    1692
CILLEY          ? Col.
CLARKE          Joseph III Elder    ----    ----     1717  BABCOCK     Anna                1701    1776
CLINTON         ?
COAN            Harriet L.          ----    ----     1838  PAYNE       Stephen
COLE            Charles Percy
COLE            David               1944             1966  RICHARD     Yvette              1944
COLE            Thomas Joseph       1860
COLE            Thomas Joseph       1856    1930
COMMONS         William                             c1804  PAYNE       Sophie              1766    1857
CORMIER         Anastasie                                  THERIAULT   Louis
COSSIT          George C.
COSSIT          Phebe
COSSIT          Ranna Rev.          1789-
COSSIT          Sophia
CUMMINGS        Anne
CUMMINGS        Francois
CUMMINGS        Helene
CUMMINGS        Jacques             1807
CUMMINGS        Jean
CUMMINGS        Maria               1805
CUMMINGS        William

DEARBORN        ? Maj.
DELANEY         Marie-Julie         1877    1956     1900  RICHARD     Joseph-Donat        1875    1956
DELANEY         Paul
DELANEY         Richard             1825    1878           THERIAULT   Lydie               1847
DIMOCK          Susan W.

EMERSON         Jonathon Lt.

FENNO           Mary                ----    ----     1701  BADCOCK     James               1677  1740
FIELD           Mary                1684    1719     1710  BADCOCK     Nathaniel           ----    1759
FOLGER          Peter               1617    1689
FORD            Mahala Amanda       1820    1885           GOULD       Henry Butler        1790    1908
FRANKLIN        Benjamin
FRAZER          Simon Brig.
FRENCH          Elizabeth           1643                   GOULD       Thomas              1639    1690

GORDON          Paul
GOULD           Anne                1797    1836     1816  THERIAULT   Ls-M. Hypolite      1793
GOULD           Arthur Ira          1887    1960 (1)       JOHNSON     Gerda Charlotte     ----    1969
GOULD           Arthur Ira          1887    1960 (2)       WARD        Florence May
GOULD           Benjamin Apthorp
GOULD           Charlie Frank [2]   1865    1936           MERRILL     Ada May             1867    1930
GOULD           Earle Frank         1917    2011           BENGTSON    Evelyn              1921    2013
GOULD           Eddie Wesley        1863    1945
GOULD           Ellen
GOULD           Esther
GOULD           Hannah              1826
GOULD           Helen               1900    1970           MAY         William George     c1898   c1973
GOULD           Henry Butler [1]    1820    1908           FORD        Mahala Amanda       1820    1885
GOULD           Hesper Lucina       1890    1973           SIMMONS     Ray Clement         1886    1971
GOULD           Hosea
GOULD           James Sr. Lt.       1743    1822           LOVEJOY     Mary                1747    1833?
GOULD           James Jr.           1765    1844     1791  PAYNE       Sophie              1776    1857
GOULD           James               1840
GOULD           John                1668
GOULD           Jonas
GOULD           Lizzie              1863    1900
GOULD           Lydia
GOULD           Mary Jane                   1862
GOULD           Meriah
GOULD           Moriah
GOULD           Mosiah
GOULD           Nehemiah            1715+   1758     1737  BOWERS      Esther              1715    1788
GOULD           Phinehas
GOULD           Ralph Wait
GOULD           Simeon
GOULD           Simon S             1806
GOULD           Sophiah             1803    1876     1820  ROBERTS     Thomas Dison        1789    1886
GOULD           Susanah             1793    1871-    1810  BOUTILIER   James Frederick     1784    1879
GOULD           Thomas              1455    1520-         
GOULD           Thomas              1613    1675           MILLER      Hannah              1621    1647
GOULD           Thomas Jr.          1667    1732           NEEDHAM     Abigail             1671
GOULD           Thomas Sr.          1639    1690           FRENCH      Elizabeth           1643
GOULD           William Butter      1790    1865     1813  BOUTELIER   Sophia Magdalena    1790?   1860?
GOULD           William Jr.         1823    1899
GOULD           William                                    ?           Margaret

HAMILTON        ? Brig.
HARRIOT         Ray
HARVEY          Azade
HENRY           Bev
HERRIOTT        David                                      ?           Rebecca
HERRIOTT        Reuben R            1807    1874
HILL            James               1798-
HILL            William
HIRTLE          Anna Barbara        1758    1834           BOUTILIER   Frederick Nicholas  1754?   1779
HOWE            Barzillal Lt.
HUTCHINSON      Jemima              1730    1775     1747  PAYNE       John                1725    ----
HUTHENSON       Jemima

JACKMAN         Sarah                                      LEETE       Charles             1811    1877
JOHNSON         Gerda Charlotte     ----    1969           GOULD

LANDRY          Peter
LEETE           Asa                 1726                   RAYNOR      Hannah
LEETE           Benjamin            1686    1741           CHAMPION    Rachel
LEETE           Benjamin            1753    1827           MEIGS       Jane
LEETE           Benjamin            1785    1848           RUSSELL     Eunice B. 
LEETE           Charles             1811    1877     1838  MACE        Sarah [3]           1813
LEETE           John                1639    1692           CHITTENDEN  Mary
LEETE           John                1612                   SNUTE       Ann
LEETE           Mary Jane           1841    1885     1864  MERRILL     Charles             1844    1906                                            
LEETE           William Gov.        1613    1683           PAYNE       Anne
LOVEJOY         Mary                1747    1767+          GOULD       James Sr            1743    1822

MACE            Sarah [3]           1813    ----     1838  LEETE       Charles             1811    1877
MARTIN          ?                                          SIMMONS     Roberta Lee         1919    1976
MATHEWS         David
MAY             William George     c1898   c1973           GOULD       Helen               1900    1970
MEIGS           Jane                                       LEETE       Benjamin            1753    1827
MEILLAND        William John        1972
MERRILL         Ada May             1867    1930           GOULD       Charlie Frank       1865    1936
MERRILL         Charles             1844    1906     1864  LEETE       Mary Jane           1841    1885
MERRILL         Charles Keyes       1802    1866     1839  THRASHER    Hannah              1811    1874
MILLER          Hannah              1621    1647           GOULD       Thomas              1613    1675
MOORE           John Lt.    
MURRANT         R.
MURRANT         Roy
MURRANT         Thomas Sr.                                 PAYNE       Aurelia             1764    1846

NEEDHAM         Abigail             1671                   GOULD       Thomas              1667    1732
NEEDHAM         Anthony Jr          1628    1705           POTTER      Ann                 1632    1695
NEEDHAM         Anthony Sr          1602    1647
NELSON          ? Lord
NICHOLS         Thomas P.
NOBLE           Arthur              1710?

PAIN            George              1789
PAIN            William             1789
PAIN            Joseph              1702    ----     1724  BADCOCK     Ann
PAIN            Joseph of Milton    ----    ----     1732  BABCOCK     Mary                1711    ----
PAYNE           Anne                                       LEETE       William Gov.        1613    1683                        
PAYNE           Aurelia             1764    1846           MURRANT     Thomas Sr.
PAYNE           Hiram               1763    1845     1797  THAYER      Chloe               1774    1871
PAYNE           Jemima              1747
PAYNE           John                1725    ----     1747  HUTCHINSON  Jemima              1730    1775
PAYNE           John  Jr.           1751    1825     1771  TISDALE     Lydia               1749
PAYNE           Joseph              1695    1767     1723  BABCOCK     Anna                1701    1776
PAYNE           Joseph Jr.                                 SIMS        Elizabeth
PAYNE           Lemuel              1755
PAYNE           Patrick A.
PAYNE           Sophie              1776    1857 (1) 1791  GOULD       James Jr            1765    1844
PAYNE           Sophie              1766    1857 (2)c1804  COMMONS     William                                   
PAYNE           Stephan             1626    1691           BASS        Hannah
PAYN            Stephan             ----    ----     1756  BUSHNELL    Rebeckah
PAYNE           Stephen             ----    ----     1838  COAN        Harriet L.
PAYNE           Tisdale
PECK            ?
PETERS          Ann
PETERS          Anne
PEINE           Sophie              1815                   ARSENEAULT  Benoni
PHILLIPS        ? Maj. Gen.
PLESSIS         Joseph Octave Bsh.  1811-
POTTER          Ann                 1632    1695           NEEDHAM     Anthony Jr          1628    1705
POTTER          Humphrey            1600    1641

RAYNOR          Hannah                                     LEETE       Asa                 1726
REID            ? Col.
RIEDESEL        ? Bar.
RICHARD         Blandine            1935    ----     1957  ARSENEAULT  Roch                1933    1985
RICHARD         Elphege             1908    1986     1935  ARSENEAULT  Lydie               1911    2004
RICHARD         Joseph-Donat        1875    1956     1900  DELANEY     Marie-Julie         1877    1956
RICHARD         Yvette              1944             1966  COLE        David               1944
ROBERTS         Stephen James
ROBERTS         Thomas Dison        1789    1886     1820  GOULD       Sophiah             1803    1876
RUSSELL         Eunice B.                                  LEETE       Benjamin            1785    1848

SCAMMELL        ? Col.
SCOTT           William Capt.
SEALY           ? Col.
SIMMONS         Ray Clement         1886    1971           GOULD       Hesper Lucina       1890    1973
SIMMONS         Clement             1916    1998
SIMMONS         Hesper              1890    1973
SIMMONS         Roberta Lee         1919    1976           MARTIN      ?
SIMMONS         Ruth J.             1921    2010+          BARBER      John Randolph       1921    2016-
SIMS            Karen           
SNUTE           Ann                                        LEETE       John                1612
SPENSER         Laura
SPENSER         Nathaniel

TALBOT          Margaret
THAYER          Chloe               1774    1871     1797  PAYNE       Hiram               1763    1845
THERIAULT       Lydie               1847                   DELANEY     Richard             1825    1878
THERIAULT       Louis                                      CORMIER     Anastasie
THERIAULT       Ls-M. Hypolite      1793             1816  GOULD       Anne                1797    1836
THERIAULT       Telesphore          1819                   VIGNEAU     Vitaline            1823
THRASHER        Hannah              1811    1874     1839  MERRILL     Charles Keyes       1802    1866
TISDALE         Ebenezer            1707    1803     1730  BASSETT     Hope                1708    1761
TISDALE         Lydia Died Young    1742
TISDALE         Lydia               1749    ----     1775  PAYNE       John                1751    1825
TISDALE         Nathan              ----    1787

VIGNAU          Jean Edmonds
VIGNEAU         Vitaline            1823                   THERIAULT   Telesphore          1819

WADE            Mason
WAGG            Phyllis
WAITT           Jason Cpt.
WALLS           Herbert Arthur
WEAVER          William L.

YOUNG           Rupert

[1] Henry B. Goold was born in 1820 not 1790
[2] Charlie Frank Gould aka F.C. Gould aka Frank Charles Gould
[3] The wife of Charles LEETE might have been Sarah JACKMAN  not    Sarah MACE


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