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The new Raspberry Pi Zero is smaller, faster and cheaper than the Raspberry Pi 2. But the faster CPU is a single core IC in the Pi Zero whereas the Raspberry 2 has a Quad processor. Some of the connectors are smaller. There is only 1 USB connector but it can handle multiple devices. The pins for the IO bus are missing but can be added. It started shipping in November 2015. The absence of an Ethernet Connector means that a WiFi dongle is necessary for many Pi Zero users; so refer to "WiFi Dongles" below. The Pi Zero Accessories are also necessary.

Like the Raspberry Pi 2, the Pi Zero runs the Raspbian Operating System (and others). Apparently the Release V1.5.0 distribution of the Raspbian NOOBS operating system is necessary. The older V1.4.0 does not support the Pi Zero! Of course the micro SD card is still necessary. Those wishing to connect a Flash Drive will need a means of connecting more USB cables. An HDMI to VGA adapter might also be necessary for some. All of these accessories are low cost additions. The most expensive part of a Raspberry computer is usually the TV set or monitor that will be used.

I believe that in the future, more and more users will be controlling their Raspberry Pi devices via an iPad or another PC. This might reduce or eliminate the need for a WiFi adapter on a Pi.

Source 5 is a link to the main Raspberry Pi site.

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thumb: Pi Zero
Pi Zero

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thumb: Pi Zero Accessories
Pi Zero Accessories

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thumb: Pi Zero Wired
Pi Zero Wired
                           KeyBoard & Mouse


WiFi Dongles

Various WiFI Dongles are available. The 2 dongles shown below probably work fine:

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thumb: 802.11n WiFi Dongle
802.11n WiFi Dongle

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thumb: The Official Pi WiFi Dongle
The Official Pi WiFi Dongle

Source 3 is an article that describes how to install the 802.11n dongle. Source 4 is an article describing the official WiFi dongle sold by the Raspberry Pi Company.

External Sources:

Source 1: Starting with Raspberrry Pi Zero
Source 2: The BASIC language for the Raspberry Pi
Source 3: WiFi Dongle Setup Notes
Source 4: The official WiFi Dongle
Source 5: The official Raspberry Pi site

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