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Genealogy Terms

When doing genealogy research, many special terms and abbreviations are encountered. This article will attempt to list various lists of them. Two interesting lists were found in the Article named "Abbreviations, Acronyms and Genealogy Terms" in the Articles submenu (Source 3) at a site called" which is Source 4 below. Source 1 is a list of common English family history terms. Source 2 is a list of common English genealogy Acronymns and Abbreviations also from "". Unfortunately, this site does not seem to have attracted many genealogists.

One of the persons who wrote to the Genealogy-Specialists forum mentioned a list of historical Canadian newspapers. A link to these newspapers is shown in Source 6. A more inclusive list of world-wide newspapers can be found in Source 7 at . . .

Sources 8 (french) and Source 9 (English) are lists of abbreviations of Acadian surnames prepared by the webmaster (David Cole). These abbreviations are used in Book 1, Mariages des Iles de la Madeleine by Denis M. Bouchard and probably in Book 2 as well.

Source 10 contains another list of Genealogical Abbreviations which were published in Source 11 an article 25 by the webmaster, David Cole. This list of abbreviations first appeared in the USGenWeb project which was listed in Rootsweb. Source 11 also contains a list of Abbreviations used in Book 4 listed below which is referred to as "ColesOfDevon" written by James Edwin Cole in 1867. Some of these abbreviations are very old because they were first written in 1630 by Segar. The book by James Edwin-Cole is an update of the "roll" or book (Source 3) first published by Segar.

Source 12 is a list of Book Sizes and Source 13 is a list of Typographical Symbols, both of which can be found in WikiPedia

External References (Sources)

Where possible, www is a weblink to the original source. (The second weblink leads to a copy of the information in the orginal source that I have preserved.) In most cases, the second weblink is a webpage that has been saved using the "File: Save Page" feature in the web browser named NetSurf which can be found in Source 5.

Book 1: Boudreau, Denis M. "Les Mariages des Iles-de-la-Madeleine, P.Q. (1784-1900)", pub-1980 (ISBN: 1-929920-25-3)
Book 2: Boudreau, Denis M. "Dictionnaire Généalogique des Îles de la Madeleine, Québec, 1760-1948", pub-2001 (ISBN: 9782891200868)
Book 3: Segar, William, Sir. "Genealogy or pedigree of the ... Sir William Cole...., (written-1630) pub-c1867
Book 4: Edwin-Cole, James. "The Genealogy of the Family of Cole...., pub-1867 (ISBN: 1141224526)

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Date Written: 2015 K Nov 27

Last Updated: 2015 L Dec 07